The Lyons Roofing Team

Lyons Legacy Employees:

As in any company, employees come and go. Then there are some that are so near and dear to our hearts that they are forever members of the Lyons family:

  • Patrick Lyons: Founder of Lyons Roofing
  • Terry Hahn: Project Specialist
  • Ciera Garcia: Service Department Coordinator
  • Dustin Hammon: Project Specialist
  • Craig Walker: Sales Manager
  • Francisco Lemus: Project Manager
  • Lou Ann Masters Brennan: Project Specialist
  • Jorge Enamorado: Staff Accountant
  • Jared Mokofisi: Project Specialist
  • Brett Thompson: Project Manager
  • Jenna Thompson: Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Jonathan Smith: Project Manager
  • Greg Wilmer: Controller
  • Daryl Moore: General Production Manager
  • Miranda While: Office Manager
  • Ann Pepper: VP Sales & Production
  • Mike Randolph: Project Specialist
  • Graham Harrison: Assistant Commercial Project Manager
  • Kelly "KJ" Dillard: Staff Accountant/HR
  • Dan Wolf: Senior Project Specialist
  • "The Brothers": Gregorio, Francisco and Jeronimo Ojeda-Perez