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Bernadette Bednar

Tucson's Office Manager
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Bio: My first job was as a receptionist in a beauty salon, think Steel Magnolias. My most interesting job was when I worked at the Catholic Dioceses of Tucson, I worked on the Bishops Appeal and the Catholic Tuition for schools campaign’s, It was interesting to me how much money people would donate and they would also send in their letters and share their opinions on current things that were going on at the time with the Church. My worst job was when I worked for 2 days trying to sell warranties for people’s appliance over the phone. The funniest job was working in a plumbing office- the things they found in pipes. My professional philosophy: Putting myself into the customer’s shoes. I love working at Lyons because everyone is genuine.

Personal:I am happily married to my husband, John. We have a tribe of children: Romelo, Sabian, Deangelo, Andrew and 5 stepchildren, but I have too few characters left to name them all. My family and my children are my favorite thing to do. With them I share morals and values that are not seen enough in the world today. Faith is important to us all. Likes: I most enjoy time with family, traveling, especially the beach, I like to cook, and helping others. Dislikes: Mean people, closed minded people and crazy drivers.