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Professional: Everything I needed to know about business I learned as a paperboy. At 13 years old and all of 110 pounds I woke up at 4:30 each Sunday morning to load up my cruiser bicycle w 250 pounds of Sunday papers and with pride precisely delivered 176 papers. For 3 plus years this job taught me that my income was directly related to the degree of my customers satisfaction. I also learned how to interact with my customers face to face and address their needs in order to collect my fees. This taught me to not shy away from customer communication. Oh, and Christmas tips were the best!! Once in High School, my best bud’s family owned a roofing company and so after school and summers were spent in Camp Roofing laying the ground work for my career in roofing. A career I have enjoyed and led me to Lyons Roofing- an organization I am proud to call my work home.

Personal:I am happily married with 3 adult children, two boys and a daughter. Thank goodness for having a girl with a sense of adventure or I would not have had anyone to share my passion for all things outdoors. Despite always having had an RV with AC, she was the one outside in the tent. The boys needed climate control and electricity for their gaming fun. Today I enjoy my down time with our granddaughter who is pure joy for us. Oh, I also have a deer headed Chihuahua fur child named Emma. Likes: I like good food and beer (who doesn’t?). I have a love of music, in fact I recently picked back up the guitar and keyboards after 25 plus years and am having fun re-tuning those skills. Perhaps I still have time to be that country rock star. Dislikes: I dislike being lied to. I am a big believer in the golden rule. This one is for my wife- I do not like the ballet or going out for high tea, this is not likely to change any time soon.