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Matt Hazelwood

Safety & Facility Manager
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Career: My young career started at Bed Bath, beyond at 16 years old selling blenders and vacuums. You would be surprised how much you have to learn for a 16 year old to be effective selling small appliances to adults. Lots of training and people skills. I also worked for dad who owns own audio/video Company selling components to resorts- I did the configuration plans for that. After some time I became his warehouse manager. I learned from my father the presentations skills needed to facilitate business to business relationships. I came to work at Lyons as a friend of the owner’s son. As a previous warehouse manager I applied for facility manager- since then I have been able to advance my skills and certifications ultimately preparing me for the safety director role. I like interacting with the employees and assuring they go home safe. I have picked up Spanish and best of all I can bring my dog Nikki to work.

Personal: I was born in Kansas and then my family moved to AZ when I was 4 years old. I consider myself a native Arizonan. I love the mountains, and all things outdoors. I love to camp, hunt, kayak, rock climbing, really most anything outdoors. I am recently engaged to my high school sweetheart. Likes: Did I mention I like anything outdoors? Also, cooking and working with my hands. Dislikes: I hate laundry, Arizona traffic and politics.