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Career: I have been an entrepreneur since a teenager, first cleaning restaurant kitchens then moving 'West Young Man' and building a commercial carpet cleaning company. I moved into sales with Universal Roofing in 1992 until they closed. I spent the next 7 years with Scott Roofing. In 2001 I was recruited to help build Lyons Roofing. After 4 years revenues increased over 400% at which time my wife and I purchased the company in March of 2005.

Personal Background:I was born and raised in Miami Beach, but spent much of my early years with my family in Barranquilla, Colombia. I came to Arizona in 1976. I have 1 sister and brother-in-law in Florida, and I have 3 grown children. My wife is my partner in life and crime!

Likes/Dislikes:I love deep sea fishing, cooking and eating it! I am the grilled fish master.