Why Is My Attic Exhaust Fan Leaking? An AZ Roofer Explains

Are you the victim of a leaking exhaust fan? Welcome to the crowd.

As monsoon season continues in Arizona, you may have noticed some slight leakage in your attic around the exhaust fan. But don’t worry! The cause and repair of this issue is relatively simple.

Here are the ins and outs of this common issue.

How does water get into your fan?

When your fan runs, the rotating blades create a vacuum of sorts. When it rains, the fan can suck that water right in through the seams. Not a lot of water, mind you, but enough to cause a leaking issue later on.

Your roof’s design can also be a culprit because most roofs are pitched at such a degree that the fan housing that is sitting upon it is also set on an angle, so when the water gets sucked in, it all sits at the lower end of that angle and now you have a pool of water that will soon start to leak.

But aren’t these fans designed to prevent this leakage?

Unfortunately, there is some human error to blame as well

The issue is that some fan manufacturers do not seal the seams of the fan housing, perhaps counting on gravity to prevent the leakage.

It also falls on the fan’s installer to ensure that all seams are sealed and to take the initiative to seal the seams themselves if they find that this is not complete.

These fan leaks are dangerous

If you discover that your attic fan is leaking, it’s important that you fix the issue ASAP. Continuous leaks can be hazardous for several reasons.

For one, this leaking will inevitably cause damage to your ceiling, causing it to darken and bubble.

Even worse, this leakage can cause a severe mold problem throughout your house, and mold isn’t only a danger to your furnishings and carpet. It can also cause dangerous irritation to your skin, throat, and lungs.

Did we mention that leaks can also cost you boatload of money? This is because leakage can deteriorate your attic’s insulation. Insulation keeps heat out in the summer and in during the winter. So if you lose your insulation, your energy bills will skyrocket.

Now that you understand the problem, it is time to fix it

Knowing that your exhaust fan is the cause of your leakage is just half the battle. Next is the repair.

Of course, you always have two choices when it comes to home repairs: do it yourself or hire a professional.

Option 1: Fix it yourself

If you do decide to do it yourself, you will simply need to stop at a hardware store, pick up a tube of a trustworthy roof leak product and use caution while sealing the seams.

Option 2: Hire professional help

The downfall to sealing the fan yourself is that it can be a messy project, and it must be done correctly in to avoid the issue from reoccurring.

If you know the name of the installer who gave you the leaky fan, contact them first and ask them if they can come out and seal it up for you.

If the option is not available, contact a new professional who can come to your home and seal the fan lickity-split. At Lyons Roofing, we can install and fix most roofing issues, including leaky attic exhaust fans.

If you live in the Phoenix metro area and have this or any other roofing issue, contact us today and let’s nip your leakage problem in the bud.