A Tree Fell on My Roof! What Should I Do?

Having a tree fall on your roof is a scenario that most people hope to never encounter in their lives. Unfortunately, severe weather events or overgrowth can cause trees to buckle under the pressure and come crashing down on nearby structures, causing severe damage to homes and buildings in their paths. If you have found yourself in this type of scenario, it is important to keep calm and remember the following steps:

  1. Check for injuries: If anyone appears to be hurt, call for an ambulance immediately.
  2. Check to see if electrical lines are involved: If the tree struck any power lines, transformers, or electrical equipment on the way down, call your electric company immediately and do not go anywhere near the power lines.
  3. Assess the damage: From a safe distance, visually check out the damage and call your homeowner’s insurance company as soon as possible. An insurance adjuster will be sent to your home to appraise the damage and help you with filing a claim.
  4. Document the damage: If the tree is still on your roof, evacuate all people and pets from the affected area and photograph the damage from a safe distance. Be sure to get pictures of the tree itself, your roof, any damage to the interior of your home, and anything else that may have been damaged on the way down.
  5. Do not attempt to remove the tree: Many homeowners may feel tempted to get on the roof with a chainsaw and remove the tree themselves. This is extremely dangerous! Both the tree and your roof will be in an unstable condition during this time. Leave the risk to your property and safety to a professional tree trimmer, remediation service, and roofer.
  6. Contact a local roofing contractor: It is a good idea to have a trustworthy roofing contractor picked out ahead of time in case a worst case scenario should ever occur. Do your research and pick a roofer with a solid reputation within the community and the proper licenses and credentials. Beware of “storm chasers” who show up ready to fix your roof in an emergency, and provide shoddy work, and scam homeowners out of their hard-earned money.

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