Do You Need a New Roof? A Helpful Checklist

If you ask most homeowners about the condition of their roof, most will give you some sort of a variation of “it’s fine,” or “I don’t see any problems with it.” While most people may believe the roof over their head is in suitable condition, many don’t realize just how damaged it might be. This is because most just don’t know what to look for; all they know is that their roof is still over their head and they haven’t had to stick a bucket on their floor to catch any leaks at the last rainfall.

However, what many of these people may not know is that a more thorough visual inspection and knowing what to look for could reveal all sorts of problems that they may not have known about. So on this blog, we’ll help you get a far more accurate picture as to the true condition of your roof by providing you and easy-to-follow checklist.

Damaged, Cracked, or Missing Shingles/Tiles

The easiest way to tell that your roof may need replacement is a quick scan from the curb outside your house. Do you see missing tiles or shingles? What about damaged ones that are cracked or shattered? These are both areas that are weak points in your roof. In some cases, a few small points of damage are not indicative that your roof needs replacement, and some quick repairs can have it good as new. However, several spots that are showing considerable signs of damage may mean it’s best that your roof gets replaced completely.

Light Peering into the Attic

Head inside and go into your attic. If you notice any spots where daylight is pouring through, then this is a huge sign that there’s a serious problem with your roof. Anywhere daylight can get in unencumbered is going to turn into a major leak location the next time it rains. While a single crack can be fixed, several cracks is a sign that your roofing materials have warped and deformed over hears of use and exposure to heat and temperature cycles. That means you may want to consider getting a total roof replacement.

Wood Rot

While you’re in the attic, take a look at the wood in both the structure and the decking itself to look for signs of wood rot. Also, take a walk around the perimeter of the home- wood rot on your fascia or under your soffits are a symptom of a roofing issue.  This includes discoloration, deforming, splintering, cracking, or spots where the wood itself has simply eroded away. This occurs for two reasons: rain and leaking has caused the wood to deform and wear away, and heat cycling has caused the boards to dry out and become brittle. A small amount of wood rot may be salvageable, but wood rot in several locations or in a larger patch is a sign that your roof will need a major repair or even a total replacement. 

Mold & Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew are usually signs that moisture in your attic has no way of escaping due to a lack of airflow. Poor airflow traps humidity, and trapped humidity can cause mold spores to settle into the wood in your attic, take root, and spread, creating massive colonies. While mold can be cleaned up in most instances, too much mold may mean you need to have your roof completely rebuilt in order to get rid of the problem, which will also present you with the opportunity to improve your attic ventilation so the problem doesn’t return again.


This is perhaps the easiest way to tell that your roof needs replaced. On one hand, a small leak isn’t usually too much of a cause for alarm, as they can be fixed and your roof may be fine for many more years. However, signs of multiple leaks, including ceiling staining in multiple places throughout your house, or water leaks that are dripping into your home are usually indicative that your roof has outlived its useful lifespan and needs to be replaced.

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