Types of Commercial Roof Warranties

The roof over your head is a huge investment, so it’s natural to want some sort of a promiser or guarantee that your investment will be protected. This is why any high-quality new roof will come with some form of a warranty, or a guarantee of quality that lasts a certain amount of time. Commercial roofs are no different, and most will come with up to two different types of warranties.

Manufacturer Warranties

A manufacturer warranty is a warranty provided by the company which manufactured the materials and created the engineering behind your roof system. There are a few different types of warranties that manufacturers offer:

  • No dollar limit warranties: A “no dollar limit” warranty, or an “NDL” warranty as they’re also known, is the best warranty you can get for your roof. These protect your roof with no cap on repair or replacement costs, against all types of failure or defect which can occur under normal use conditions. These warranties require installation from a manufacturer-certified roofer, and often require an inspection through every step of the installation process to make sure that your roof conforms to the rigorous standards necessary. These warranties also aren’t usually free—they do often come with a price tag, but that could be worth it in the long run if it saves you a bundle on your repair costs.
  • Material warranties: These are warranties on the materials which are used to construct your roof. Essentially, this is the manufacturer of your materials standing by their products for a certain period of time, provided they aren’t abused or installed incorrectly. Reputable manufacturers will include these warranties on many or even all of their products, provided they are installed by a certified installer.
  • Labor & material warranties: Much like an NDL warranty, these warranties protect you against damage from anything from defects in your materials to mistakes or defects in the labor used to install them. However, unlike NDL warranties these protections have a maximum dollar amount which manufacturers will cover. Likewise, these warranties are also often pro-rated, so the amount that they’ll cover will usually be reduced proportionally based on the age of your roof in accordance with the warranty itself.

Here at Lyons Roofing, we’re extremely proud to be a certified installer for a number of different premium manufacturers, including CertainTeed, GAF, LaPolla, ProTech, KM Coating, Polyglass, and more. We’ve also been OSHA 10 Certified and Tile Roofing Institute certified for your safety and added peace of mind!

Roofing Contractor Warranties

A roofing contractor warranty is a protection offered by the company who installs your roof. These are independent of the manufacturer themselves, and are a way for roofers to stand behind the work that they do. In many cases, these are designed to protect you against defects or faults that may come up after having your roof replaced. If you’re under warranty, simply call your roofer and they’ll come out and fix it if they determine that the mistake was their fault.

However, these warranties don’t usually last nearly as long as manufacturer warranties and likewise don’t actually protect the materials used in your roof. For example, if a defective material fails and causes damage to your roof, your roofer was not the one responsible for the failure. Thus, you’d need to file a claim under your manufacturer’s warranty to get your roof repaired in this case. Determining which warranty to file under can be difficult sometimes, and that’s why it’s a good idea to consult with a professional commercial roofer in Phoenix and figure out the right course of action.

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