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Problems Caused by Missing Shingles

The Big Issues Caused by Small Imperfections

Your roof is exposed to the elements constantly, and it is common for it to experience wear and tear from wind, sun, and severe weather of all kinds. It is not unusual for shingles to dislodge at some point, particularly after several years of use. However, while it may seem like a minor issue, missing shingles can act as an entry point for all kinds of damage.

A Single Missing Shingle Puts the Whole Roof at Risk

The logic behind this idea is fairly straightforward: even something as flimsy as, say, your average t-shirt is pretty difficult to rip by hand, but even the tiniest cut or hole in the fabric allows you to tear it with ease. The same holds true with your roof. Because of how your roof is structured, there are certain areas where it is more likely for shingles to become dislodged. This means that where one is missing, more may follow. Furthermore, even one missing shingle means that the sheeting beneath it is exposed to the elements and made vulnerable to water damage. Once this damage takes hold, it is generally quick to spread and difficult to repair.

Problems Caused by Missing Shingles

Your roof’s shingles are intended to help protect other parts of your roofing system from the elements, particularly heat and water. As soon as that protection is compromised, even a little, many things are able to make its way into your home.

Just a few of these issues include things like:

  • Mold
  • Leaks
  • Mildew
  • Algae
  • Rot
  • Structural damage

It’s also important to note that your shingles play an important role in the overall insulation your roof provides. Damage to that insulation means a harder job for your HVAC system and rising energy costs for you!

Get Help from the Professionals

There are things that the average homeowner can and should do to ensure that their roof is in good condition. The occasional inspection from the ground, looking for missing shingles and discoloration, can go a long way. However, it is important to bring in a team of highly skilled experts to handle anything you might find. Not only is roofing a highly specialized service, but there are numerous safety concerns associated with attempts at DIY. Rather than putting your roof or your wellbeing at risk, bring in a roofing team you know you can trust at the first sign of trouble.

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