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Common Causes of Leaks Other Than Your Roof

Where Is That Leak Coming From?

When unwanted water has started making its way into your house, your immediate reaction might not be wondering where it came from as much as simply wanting to put an end to the problem. However, understanding the cause is an important part of finding a viable, lasting solution. Though roofing problems are usually the average homeowner’s first guess, there are actually several other potential issues that could be causing the leaks. A skilled and thorough roofing team like the one at Lyons Roofing can provide you with a comprehensive inspection to help identify problems like these and make recommendations as to how best to address them.

Fireplace or Chimney

Damage to the chimney cap, flashing, or masonry of your fireplace or chimney could result in damaging leaks. Though many people imagine a chimney as something closer to a Jenga tower than a complex piece of engineering, their structures are actually much more complicated than they appear. Particularly during times of heavy rain, homeowners should be alert for things like dripping sounds coming from inside the chimney, moisture or water stains on the wall or ceiling near the chimney and fireplace, or musty odors that worsen when it rains. Ensuring that your chimney receives routine maintenance will help prevent these kinds of issues.

Stucco & Siding

Stucco and siding may crack if it is improperly installed, sees damage from the environment, or is simply old and worn. When this happens, it may let moisture begin to seep into the frame, or even the foundation of the house. Finding a qualified stucco and paint contractor can help you repair these cracks and even improve the appearance of your home overall.


If the seal around a window was compromised by severe weather or improper materials, you may need to bring in a window installation contractor to re-caulk, seal, and paint. Fortunately, this is generally a fairly straightforward fix, but it is important to call someone in as soon as you notice a problem. Water damage can be extensive and costly to repair.

Trees & Landscaping

The most beautifully built and maintained house and roof in the world won’t matter much if a tree branch falls and damages your roof, siding, or some other part of the structure. While sometimes severe weather will cause problems no matter what, there are certainly things you can do to mitigate this issue. Ensuring that your trees are professionally trimmed and cared for is good for both your house and the trees!

Inadequate Roof Draining

If you notice that there are still puddles on your roof after the rain has cleared out, there may be drainage problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Not only does the sustained contact with water accelerate the breakdown of materials, but the simple weight of the water puts an unbalanced strain on the structure that it was not designed to withstand. A roofing contractor can help you re-slope and re-deck to ensure that it can stand the test of time.

If you notice water in places it shouldn’t be, reach out to your trusted team of experts at Lyons Roofing. We can help you find the cause and either fix it ourselves or point you to a team that specializes in that service. Call us at (520) 447-2522 to get started!