Man Installing a Skylight

Is Your Skylight Leaking?

How to Spot Developing Issues with Your Skylight

A skylight is a beautiful addition to any home and comes with a wide array of benefits. Modern skylights are more energy-efficient than ever and can even raise the property value of your home. But your skylight can’t provide these benefits to you if it’s leaking or damaged.

We asked our skylight experts to identify the top warning signs of a potential skylight leak. While some of these symptoms may be caused by other issues, it’s still a good idea to consult a professional when you notice something not quite right with your skylight.

Know What Warning Signs to Watch Out For:

  • Condensation forming on or around your skylight
  • Visible cracks
  • Off-color or faded sealant
  • A persistent draft around your skylight
  • Rooftop debris that may be preventing your skylight from closing properly

Why Is Your Skylight Leaking?

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be spotting leaks that are already there, you want to be stopping them from developing in the first place. To prevent serious skylight leaks, you need to understand their common causes and make sure that not just your skylight, but your whole roof is protected. Our licensed roofers recommend getting your roof and skylight inspected to determine potential weak spots, and keeping an eye out for the sources of potential damage listed below.

Top Causes of Skylight Leaks Include:

  • Installation errors
  • Improper insulation
  • Degrading seals
  • Issues with the flashing on your roof
  • Cracks on the surface from debris or severe weather

When Should You Replace Your Skylight to Avoid Leaks?

Your skylight is part of a series of interconnected systems and features that make up your roof. To ensure that every part of your roof is in perfect shape, you should consider replacing your skylight every time you replace your roof. This will not only ensure that a licensed roofer installs your new skylight without any errors, but will ensure that the sealing on your skylight is working and that there are no gaps between your roof and your skylight that could cause leaks.

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