Roof Leaks Never Get Smaller

Why You Should Never Ignore a Roof Leak

Do you have a roof leak in your Tucson- or Phoenix-area home? If so, don’t make the mistake of thinking it will go away on its own—the truth is, there are no such things as “small” roof leaks. Any roof leak, no matter how small, introduces moisture into your roofing structure and materials. Ignoring this problem can result in more costly repair bills down the line.

Problems associated with roof leaks:

  • Shingle damage, including peeling, curling, cracking, and more
  • Deterioration of roofing materials and seals
  • Mold and mildew growth in your roof and home
  • Damage to your home's structure
  • Damage to your personal belongings
  • Reduced lifespan for your roof

It can be tempting to put off roof repairs when you notice a very small leak or if your roof only appears to leak when you receive continuous, large amounts of rain. However, just because it seems like the roof leak has gone away or isn't a big problem, it is still a weak point in your roof that can unexpectedly escalate.

Keep reading to learn how to recognize a roof leak, maintain your roof, and prevent future leaks.

Recognizing a Leak When You See One

As a homeowner, roof leaks can be alarming and problematic if not recognized and fixed quickly. By knowing the signs of water damage and leaking before they become severe, you can save yourself time and money by scheduling prompt roof repairs with professional roofers like Lyons Roofing.

Most roof leaks are easy to spot; in heavy rains, you may notice water dripping inside your home or wet spots and staining on ceilings or walls. Another major sign of a roof leak is visible mold, mildew, or must odors in your attic or crawlspaces. This indicates that water has seeped into your roofing structure.

More signs that your roof is suffering from water damage or leaks:

  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Blistering or warped shingles
  • Granule loss
  • Rust on flashing or around roof installations
  • Plant, moss, or algae growth

Spotting the signs of a leak and taking the necessary steps to deal with it will help you extend the life of your roof and prevent further damage down the road.

Tips for Preventing Roof Leaks

Scheduling roof maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid future roof leaks. During these inspections, our roofers will look at all parts of your roof, looking for signs of wear and potential damage. We will then recommend the right maintenance and repair services for your specific roof.

Other ways to help prevent roof leaks:

  • Keep your roof clear of debris, including leaves, twigs, branches, etc.
  • Ensure that you have adequate roof drainage installed
  • Make repairs promptly and as soon as you see signs of a problem
  • Avoid walking on your roof whenever possible

Are Skylights Prone to Leaking?

If you have skylights in your home, you may be wondering if they have an impact on the likelihood of suffering a roof leak. While any roof installation has the potential to affect your roof's structure and materials, if properly installed, skylights should not leak. That said, as with your roof materials, your skylight will wear out over time, and you will reach a point where your skylight has reached the end of its lifespan. When this happens, you will need to install a replacement.

When our roofers perform your annual inspection, they will also inspect your skylights, ensuring they are installed correctly and soundly. As a roofer specializing in skylights, Lyons Roofing is uniquely suited to handle all your roof & skylight maintenance and repair needs.

The Importance of Routine Roof Maintenance

As previously mentioned, roof maintenance is critical to preventing roof leaks. In general, keeping your roof in good condition is essential to ensuring the longevity of your home, no matter what it’s built from. For this reason, roof maintenance and inspections should be scheduled annually with professional roofers like Lyons Roofing, who can identify and address any potential issues with your roof. Don't wait till roof repairs become necessary— invest in regular maintenance and inspections now to ensure your roof is up to code and ready for anything mother nature throws at it.

If you see signs of a roof leak or need emergency roof repair, call Lyons Roofing. Our roof repair specialists serve the Phoenix and Tucson areas, and we are here to help when you need us.