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Tucson Project Manager
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Career: My first job was working at the batting cages at age 12. I loved that job, it helped me meet girls and I learned how to smoke. (Both of which I still enjoy) My most interesting job was when I spent 2+ years building the roof of a new international airport in Mumbai, India. It was a great experience dealing with different cultures. I love what I do for a living because it’s always different, I get to work outside, and I enjoy meeting new people. I love working at Lyons Roofing because Ann Pepper is extremely awesome.

Personal: I am originally from Illinois. I grew up with 2 brothers and a sister who all still live back in the Midwest. I have a young adult daughter, Tessa Marie, going to college for cosmetology. 3 step sons, Tony, Jimmy and Brian who a really good kids. Likes: Watching NFL football- go Bears! (Drinking Miller Lite, duh!) And believe it or not I like to work-(see above). Dislikes: I don’t like ignorant people- get with the program!