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Working at Lyons

Allow our employees to speak for themselves…

"I choose to work at Lyons Roofing for a number of reasons. First off, I love to be around good, high quality people...Who Care about installing good roofs!!! At Lyons Roofing I work for owners who take very good care of their employees with better benefits and pay than other companies and that attracts the top people in the industry! I value honesty and integrity and that is what is expected of me at Lyons Roofing. Lyons is run ethically and has won a BBB ethics award!"

~ John Schooley, Senior Project Specialist

"I am happy to be here at Lyons Roofing because of how you can move up in the company. I started at the bottom and moved up to the position that I’m in now, and I plan on staying here and keep moving up as the years go by."

~ Matt Reinhold, Service Superintendent

"Why do I choose to work at Lyons Roofing. This is an easy answer. Like most people as I looked to move I looked for a company that has a good reputation. It is important to me to be able to share with a customer knowing that the production team will deliver as promised. I have that confidence at Lyons. That said I was also surprised that when I joined the Lyons team, I found myself in the company of folks I have worked with in the past- adding to the family atmosphere. Financially- I am doing great- with the commission and bonus structure- it is in fact a very lucrative position.

I have been with Lyons for a little over two years. The last year we have had to work alongside a virus pandemic that has made working different to say the least. The reason I enjoy working with the Lyons family is prior to the pandemic, I was allowed to work a great supportive staff and great crews. The issues working this last year showed us all how important we all are to and for each other. The last two years has been exciting, scary and most importantly a roller coaster ride of safety. The common thing said most is alone Lyons I feel together, never alone."

~ Jim Mattingly, Senior Project Specialist

“It’s a rare thing anymore to work at a company where you feel it is a privilege to show up every day …. I consider it one of my life’s blessings to be part of the Lyons Roofing Family.”
~ Katherine Warwick – A cub for almost 10 years and counting…..

I like working for Lyons because you get treated like family more so then an employee, they understand that you are human and we make mistakes, I love my job and I tell everyone that asks me about my job I always start off with I love my job it’s such a great place to work for.
~ Bernadette Bednar, Tucson Office Manager

There's nothing better than waking up in the morning, going to work and knowing that what ever may happen that day good or bad we have such an awesome Lyons team that we pull together resolve the issue and or celebrate the kudos as a team
~ Art Cargola, Tucson Project Manager

I appreciate my kind co-workers. The Sales Department has been amazing and help whenever I need them. I feel appreciated, supported, and like that my manager has my back; so that is what brings me to work every day.

~ Elizabeth Mena, Director of First Impressions

I like Lyons customer appreciation philosophy. I find this to be rare in the industry and refreshing here at Lyons. Lyons is fair to their employees; everybody has a say and everyone is treated equally. The compensation here is above average and fair. In a nutshell, they are easy going, supportive and well….family.

~ Dave Hinshaw, Sales Manager

We have such an excellent team here! My coworkers strive hard to give our customer’s the best service possible and are always looking for ways to improve. It is a fun atmosphere as well, even when we are ‘drenched’ with work!

~Ananda Holman, Production Manager and Coordinator

I am all about camaraderie and working hard and playing hard. I like where we have the opportunity to get things done and have a laugh or two along the way. The Lyons team goes above and beyond without being asked. They do this because they enjoy their work.

~Shane Ranney, General Production Manager

I like working here because the ability to move around and explore other opportunities within the company is not only allowed but encouraged. The benefits and healthcare has always been strong- even before it was mandated and likely with remain if no longer mandated. Compensation is better than fair but more importantly their phone never stops ringing

~ Tom Sichrovsky, Senior Project Specialist

I really appreciate Lyons Roofing. Lyons gave me a chance to do something with my life that no one else would. I choose to stay because I am loyal to those that took that chance with me. The work is hard, but I love my job! And I mean that!

~ Luis Quiroz, Assistant Facilities Manager

The owners are great people to work for; they interact with their employees and are kind. We have crews that are really good guys. The Project Managers/Superintendents are really team players. It’s a great place to work

~ Johnny Jacobo, Project Manager/Superintendent

When I first started 6 years ago I really thought this is a company that is really going to grow. Here we are 6 years later and we have done exactly that. Not without growing pains, but I like that I can talk to management and that they listen and take action.

~ Jeremy Crandall, Project Specialist

I like working at Lyons Roofing for a number of reasons, first; I am surrounded by good people who are talented and care. Second; the company pay structure is set up to reward hard work and values what we do. Third; I find it to be a relaxed culture and a very comfortable atmosphere. Forth; As far as I know, we get better benefits than any other roofing company. Call me and I can tell you more! John at 480-684-4239.

~ John Schooley, Senior Project Specialist

I like working here because of the good management and the great team work.

~ Ricky Alexander, Project Manager/Superintendent

I, like much of the personnel at Lyons Roofing, have been in this business for many, many years!

I previously worked, over several years, for one of the largest “commercial” roofing companies in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, there were some perks that come with sheer size of the company; however, I was ready to take my knowledge and skills to a place where I could help promote and create a new generation of roofing estimators/sales people.

Who would have thought that over 30 years ago, a “secretary” working in the office of a roofing company, would have been given the opportunity to grow and expand into one of the only female estimators to have lasted this long! Whew! We at Lyons Roofing do our best to keep up with technology; a drone has been added to our repertoire. Training is on-going, whether it’s outside classes through ARCA or in-house sales/skills building challenges. At Lyons Roofing, we believe in doing what’s right, and giving the customer want they need, rather than just selling a roof job. I love the closeness of the owner’s and their presence in the day-to-day activities. There is always somebody around to give a hand, help with a project, or give you a pat on the back!

~ Julie Moore, Commercial Department Manager

Everybody is easy to get along with and easier still to work with. All levels of management are fun to work with. Really it’s a good to place to work, far less stressful than other places I have worked and I have worked in a lot of places.

~ Jeff Corbin, Foam Department Manager

Why do I choose to work at Lyons Roofing? My fellow employees! Team Lyons all the way!

~ Matt Hazelwood, Safety and Facility Manager

Why Choose Us?

  • BBB Ethics Award Winner

    It is very important that we generate a high level of trust amongst not only our employees but our customers and community as well. We were recognized for this by the Better Business Bureau.

  • In Top 5% of Safest Companies

    We are one of the few roofing companies in Arizona that has a full-time Safety Director who continually monitors the companies’ compliance with all State and Federal safety requirements.

  • Highly Trained & Certified Staff

    We’re an industry leader with a highly trained and experienced team dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and continually improving our services and raising our standards.

  • 30+ Years of Industry Experience

    Our experience ensures that we'll know how to handle any obstacle that's thrown our way. You can rest assured that we've seen it all, and we'll be able to alleviate any roofing issue your home may encounter.

Built to Last

Our Customer Testimonials Say It All
    The foreman Art was fantastic.

    “Love it. Great job. Great people. The foreman Art was fantastic. Would highly recommend them.”

    - Mike M.
    They were outstanding.

    “The work went very well, we hadn't had any problems. They were outstanding.”

    - Satisfied Customer
    It is so refreshing to do business with honest people!

    “When the time comes, that I need to replace my roof, it will be with Lyons!”

    - Nancy C.
    Lyons Roofing warranty protects my investment.

    “The Tucson roofing team is experienced, professional, efficient, and friendly.”

    - Su P.
    I am so glad I chose Lyons Roofing.

    “I was very impressed with how professional Lyons Roofing's employees are.”

    - Anita S.

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