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Career: My brother was a roofer in the 80’s in Prescott, AZ so needing a job- I started with him as a tear off laborer. Then I learned torch roofing and learned tile roofing. I worked with him for a few years on and off. Then started with another company for 11 years where I really learned the finer details of building a roof and customer service. I worked for about 5 years in the framing business which further enhanced my understanding of the building envelope. Over the subsequent years I worked with and owned my own roofing businesses. In the late 2008 economy dictated I get a real job, and went to work with a local solar company building their roofing division. The reason I came to Lyons was because I believe with the processes Lyons have in place and Lyons’ emphasis on the customer as a primary factor in the roofing experience is aligned with my beliefs as well.

Personal:I was born and raised in Prescott and Phoenix Arizona where I have lived all my life. I have one daughter, Ashley, who is currently attending Bloomington Indiana University studying museum arts and sciences. Likes: I enjoy time off (who doesn’t), meeting with customers (I like their stories), talking about roofs, all outdoor activities (quads, lakes) and donuts. Dislikes: Dishonest people, lying, cheaters and poorly installed roof systems (really, this bugs me)