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John Schooley

Senior Project Specialist
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Career: I started earning a paycheck washing dishes at Smitty’s Restaurant as a 15 year old. Working my way up as a prep cook and finally a line cook. I joined the military as a 19 year old. No combat, I had it easy as a helicopter mechanic. Then I worked as a delivery driver for a few years after the military. Then I got into roofing as a tile roofing apprentice. My foreman was very good and taught me well. In less than 2 years I was running my own crew as a foreman. After 7 years as an installer I became a service technician. I figure I have fixed about 4,000 leaks personally! After about 7 years as a tech. I became a supervisor and I ran roofing projects for about 6 years. Now I am an project specialist/estimator and I love it!

Personal Background: I lived in the Seattle area as a small child. At age 6 in 1969 we moved to Phoenix. I went to Moon Valley and Greenway High Schools graduating from the latter in 1981. I joined the military at age 19 and saw some of the world. When I got out it took me 5 years to find the love of my life. We got married and I now have 3 adult children. Likes; Sports, kayaking, movies(especially old classics), animals, nature, cars and card games!