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Career: My career began at Burger King for 2 weeks until they found out I was underage. My next job was my worst job- I was low man on the totem pole doing framing work. It was more like getting paid to be hazed. My most interesting job was doing roof work on a skyscraper in Topsail Beach, NC. I have built it all, Tile, Shingle, hot, metal, single ply, you name it, and I have built it. I like it here at Lyons mostly because of the employees. This is a good group of people. My philosophy: Do it right!

Personal: I am the proud father of 4 children: Johnny, Joshua, Amber and Sophia. We do a lot together as a family. The family that kayaks together…We enjoy vacationing, camping, fishing, exploring. Likes: I like when people take pride in their work. Dislikes: I don’t care for complainers.