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Career: I have worked in finance and Banking since 1974, I worked for Banks more than 25 years. My 1st job was at age 13. In 2000 I moved to Phoenix, and since that time I have worked for distribution and construction companies as Controller and Director of Finance. I like to analyze the big pictures of the companies, diagnose problems and help them to be more productive.

Personal Background: I am from Colombia. I moved to the US from Colombia in 2000 looking for a safe place to live. I started to study my MBA (Master Business Administration) and I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2003. I have been married for more than 30 years. I love my family, I have two kids, Sandra and Nicolas, both studied Global Business.

Likes/Dislikes: I like hiking, I go to Piestewa Peak every weekend. I also liked running, I have run several half marathons. I love nature, animals, the rain forest, etc. I am a very simple and common person. I like to read and write, I like history, and I enjoy doing investigation about my ancestors. I don’t like dishonesty and unloyalty in people.