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Marketing Manager
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CareerMy career has primarily focused on being of service to others through Sales and Marketing with an emphasis on mentoring and training my co-workers to exceed not only a customer's expectations but also his/her own expectations. I put my co-workers first and together, we join forces to provide our clients with a start-to-finish excellent experience.
Customers are smart. They don’t really need me to "sell" them anything….but they may need me to "tell" them about the various products and services about which they are inquiring. I love helping smart consumers learn about what we offer and providing the information needed to make the right decision. It is very gratifying to help home and business owners understand the value and importance of investing in safety and security for their homes, families, workplaces, and co-workers.

Personal Background: Born and raised a Philly girl ~ Go E-A-G-L-E-S ! Being a C.S.S (Catholic School Survivor), I invoke St. Anthony on a daily basis to help find my keys, cell phone, sanity, etc. I have been in Arizona since 1992 and am still looking for a decent soft pretzel and hoagie… I guess St. Anthony is not the patron saint of Philadelphia food cravings!

Dislike: Only one - the desecration of the English language… it's new-clee-ar, not nuke-you-lar! Whether through writing or speaking - language should be lyrical. Good Grammar Matters!

Likes: Just about everything else - I could live every single day eating pizza and would love to go RV-ing across the U.S. with my husband when it's time to retire.

FamilyI have been blessed to be married to my husband, Steve, for 25 years and counting. We have 3 awesome young adult children: Danielle, Henry, and Eleanor - all on the cusp of taking over the world!

Our dog, Dottie Monier LaNue Warwick - was found in the parking lot of our office - she was stuck between pallets of tile! I took her home and 30 minutes later, my Husband was cuddling with her on the floor - she's been with us ever since. Two kittens have recently adopted us: Ozzy and Prince. They are crazy little brothers who consider our house their playground - please pray for our furniture!