5 Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Roofing Contractor in AZ

“Hire only licensed roofing contractors.”Warning

You hear that plenty from people when you say you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Arizona.

But you may wonder, why? Does it really matter?

Some homeowners think, “If the roofer does quality work and was vetted by a friend/family member, then who cares if they’re unlicensed. And, plus, they’re less expensive!”

But don’t let the temptation of cheap labor fool you—you’ll pay much more later.

Here’s why:

1) You have limited legal actions against an unlicensed contractor

If you have an issue with a licensed roofing contractor, just call their licensing agency and they can help mediate between you and the contractor. They can also help recover any losses you’ve had.

But if you have an issue with an unlicensed contractor that you can’t resolve, you’ll have to file a civil lawsuit.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Litigation expenses are pricey and you may never be able to collect because unlicensed contractors often go in and out of business.

When it comes down to it, an unlicensed contractor has less incentive to do quality work because it’s easier for them to get away with it. And if you want to take legal action against them, your choices are limited.

So that unlicensed contractor didn’t finish your roofing project and ran off with your money? Good luck trying to find him or her!

2) No license could mean no insurance

Because it’s not cheap, unlicensed contractors rarely have worker’s compensation insurance or liability insurance.

No worker’s compensation means if a roofing contractor’s worker gets injured while working on your roof, you’ll be responsible for paying for their medical bills.

And no liability insurance means you’ll be responsible for paying for damages caused to your home by the uninsured roofer.

3) No license could mean they’re not bonded

Basically, a “bonded contractor” is a contractor that has purchased a type of insurance that provides you compensation if the contractor does not complete a job as you’ve requested or contracted.

But unlicensed contractors typically won’t even offer a contract, much less be bonded. So if the final outcome of your roof isn’t what you agreed upon, that’s tough luck!

4) Work may not meet local building codes

Licensed Contractors are tested on their knowledge of local building codes and are test on their knowledge in order to obtain licensure.

Here’s where things get ugly.

If an inspector (perhaps one inspecting the home when you’re selling it) sees that your roof isn’t code compliant, you’ll be responsible for any repairs needed to get the roof to code.

And disclosing to an inspector that an unlicensed roofing contractor worked on your roof can decrease the property’s value.

5) Could settle for low-quality work

A license tells you that a roofer has met minimum industry training standards and work experience. It’s meant to protect you.

So if a contractor is unlicensed, you have no idea about their level of competency. Any low-quality roofing work can backfire on you later—and at the worst possible time! Imagine thinking your roof was up to snuff and then it falls apart during a harsh Arizona monsoon!

Don’t settle for a simple handshake…

Don’t hire just any unlicensed Joe-schmo with a simple handshake. If they’re cutting corners by not paying for licensing, insurance or bonding, what’s stopping them from cutting corners on their work?

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