How to Tell If Your Shingle Roof Needs to Be Replaced

Shingle roofs in Arizona can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years (life span varies greatly due to the shingle quality and installation quality). So If your roof is near or in that age range, you may be wondering, "Do I need to replace my shingle roof soon?"

Answering that is easy. You just need to know what you look for. And, in most cases, you don't even need to get on the roof! Below, we've outlined the 4 main stages of an aging shingle roof-and what you should do in each stage.

Stage 1: Bare Spots and Missing Granules

Shingles-missing granulesAs shingles get worn, the granules on their surface will begin to separate from the asphalt. This leads to obvious patches on your roof where you can see the asphalt.

You may also notice the granules in piles under your downspouts where monsoon rain has washed them down your gutters.

What to do: You don't need a new roof yet. But do the smart thing: start calling roofing pros for estimates on a new roof. By acting early, you won't be as rushed and can make the most informed decision.

Stage 2: Curling Shingle Tabs

As the number of bare spots increases, leaving the shingles more exposed to the sun, the tabs will start to curl.

What to do: Schedule your new roof installation. You don't want to wait any longer before replacing the roof.

Stage 3: Shingle Pieces Breaking Off

shingles-broken piecesAs the shingles get more and more brittle, pieces begin to break off. You'll notice jagged edges on the shingles as well as pieces in the gutters and under downspouts. More shingles will be curling.

What to do: Get a new roof, pronto! You don't want to wait any longer as any amount of rain or wind could finish off your roof and leave you in an emergency.

Stage 4: Missing Shingle Tabs

At this point, your roof probably leaks like crazy when it rains. Some tabs are completely missing and those that remain are curled.

What to do: Hopefully you didn't make it this far. But if you did, call a good roofer now!

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