How to Maintain Your Flat Roof in Arizona

Your flat roof is awesome and all, but it need a little more lovin’ than a pitched roof.

On pitched roofs, debris easily falls right off.

Flat roofs? Junk can easily accumulate (the roof is only slightly sloped, after all).

And, you know, those ultraviolet rays beating down on the foam roof covering isn’t doing your roof any favors either.

So, how can you help your flat roof live its life to the fullest?

Follow these simple maintenance to-dos.

5 ways to maintain your flat roof

1) Keep drains clear

This to-do is the single most important maintenance task. Backups in the drains will trap water on your roof.

Why is standing water on your roof such a big deal?

First, standing water increases the chance of water damage due to a leak. For example, let’s say you have tiny holes in your flat roof. And then it starts raining. Normally that water slides off, but once water starts to stay in place…well it’s gotta go somewhere, right? Into the hole it goes! Say hello to pricy water damage.

Second, the extra weight from the water can exceed the roof’s bearing capacity, causing the roof to collapse. And that’s the last thing you want in the middle of an Arizona monsoon.

2) Sweep off leaves and dirt

Whenever it cools down around here (you know, during that one month in the year), you need to sweep off leaves and dirt. This junk can also prevent water from flowing off the roof.

3) Watch for overhanging limbs

Cut off any branches that loom over your flat roof. They could either:

  • Sway in the breeze and scratch the roof or
  • Break off during a storm, causing damage

4) Watch for punctures or cracks

A small flat roof crack can lead to a bigger crack. So seal the crack when they’re small.

Small punctures or worn spots often can be mended using home-center patch kits. But a large crack needs a professional roofer’s touch.

5) Recoat the roof every 5 to 10 years

We’re assuming your flat rooms has protective foam sealant since about 90% of Arizona’s flat roofs are protected by spray polyurethane foam.

To help your flat roof last for 30+ years, it’s important to recoat your foam roof every 5 to 10 years since the sun’s ultraviolet rays eventually wear down the protective covering.

When’s the last time your flat roof had a recoat? If it’s been over 10 years, call Lyons Roofing, your local Phoenix roofing company.