Roofing Maintenance Basics You Should Know

You might not have realized it but the roof of your home does quite a lot for you every single day just by being there. It blocks the harsh rays of the sun, keeps temperamental weather away from you, and can hold up thousands of pounds of tile, if your home is designed in such a way. With such a great daily burden placed upon it, roofs need maintenance if they are going to keep doing what they’re doing as well as they are doing it.

Most homeowners can fix a leaky sink or weed their lawn without a hitch, but most will admit that they know next to nothing when it comes to roofing maintenance. If you’re in this same group, don’t worry. This helpful list of basic roofing maintenance techniques, tips, and tricks can get you pointed in the right direction.

Some roofing maintenance tips every home or property owner should know are:

  1. For flat roofs with foam sealants, make a habit of checking at least once a month for bubbling, cracks, splits, or dents.
  2. Flat-top roofs should have screens, strainers, and gutters that are regularly cleared of any clutter that could cause flooding.
  3. Pitched roofs can easily collect debris and detritus in the valleys between raised points or steeples; clean these out whenever necessary, paying special attention during a windy or rainy season.
  4. Inner ceilings, walls, and corners can reveal leaks in the roofing above; check for brown water stains on ceiling or wet insulation in attics.
  5. Do not allow trees to grow thick or too close to your home; monsoon-season winds can easily tear through them, causing them to crash into your property and damage the roofing.

You should never walk along the roof of your home if you are worried about slipping and falling, or if there is clear evidence of damage or missing tiles. When in doubt, get a professional roofing maintenance specialist’s assistance.

At Lyons Roofing, our roofers in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona have been serving our communities since 1993. We are highly-experienced in all matters related to roofing, from regular cleanings to repairs to fresh installations for properties old and new. We can handle your roofing maintenance needs without you having to worry yourself at all.

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