What to Expect from a Roofing Inspection

Has your roof began to show signs of age and neglect? If so, it is probably time to schedule a professional roofing inspection to avoid expensive repairs or major damage to your property. Generally speaking, it is recommended for homeowners to have their roofs inspected once per year, though other situations such as storms or getting your home ready for sale may require more frequent inspections.

You can expect a professional roofer to provide the following services during an inspection:

  • Interior inspection: The first thing a roofer will do is inspect the inside of the home for evidence of water intrusion.  In some cases, they will check your attic for signs of aging, leaks, mold, and moisture. Any openings in your roof will be identified by looking for streaks of light entering from the outside. Your inspector may also recommend you install insulation if your home does not have it to prevent heat loss.
  • Exterior inspection: The next thing that a roofer will do is check the outside of your roof for signs of damage. This will include taking a close look and recording things like missing shingles, leaks, damaged flashing, and cracked caulk. Since improperly walking on your roof can be extremely dangerous and potentially cause damage to your roof’s tiles and seams, it is important you do not attempt to do this yourself.
  • Repair estimate: Upon completion of the inspection, the technician servicing your home will prepare an estimate based on the level of damage to your roof, the cost of replacement materials, and labor. If the inspection was requested in relation to a pending real estate sale, both the buying and selling parties are to be presented with a report detailing the condition of the roof, any recommended repairs, and their estimated costs.

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