Can HVAC Units Damage a Commercial Roof?

Facility managers and business owners often have a lot on their plates at once, and keeping their employees and customers comfortable is usually a primary concern. To maintain this level of comfort, industrial strength HVAC units are often installed on the roofs of commercial buildings and kept out of sight from the general public. While the importance of having a temperature controlled building may be great, these units can cause a variety of different roof problems and must be closely monitored.

  1. Condensation: One of the top HVAC-related roofing problems is leaking. HVAC units produce vaporized water which is ordinarily released into the air, though faulty units may cause this vapor to condense and pool at the base of the unit, leading to roof leaks, deterioration, and possible mold development. To prevent this, it is important to have your unit periodically inspected and install a proper drainage system that funnels excess condensation away from the roof, such as interior drains or scuppers.
  2. Walking on the roof: While having your roof’s HVAC unit regularly inspected is important to lengthen its lifespan and detect leaks early, servicemen who are unaware of the correct way to walk on an industrial roof can end up causing damage. Excessive foot traffic can cause a strain on a commercial roof’s membrane and lead to cracks and leaks. Always instruct any technicians who go on your roof to stay on walkways, or even better, have a roofing professional join in on the inspection.
  3. Poor installation: Industrial HVAC units are massive, heavy, and bulky, and if they are not installed properly, there could be costly consequences. It is not uncommon for some facility managers to have the same leak fixed over and over again, only to discover that the issue is really attributed to poor installation. It is always recommended to have a roofing contractor oversee the installation process to protect the integrity of your roof.

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