Why Do Tiles Fall Off My Roof?

Tile roofs are the most popular style of roofing in Arizona. Not only do these give a distinctive southwestern desert aesthetic to your home, but they’re great at withstanding blistering heat and exposure to the elements that come with the climate. As a result, these types of roofs are extremely durable, but like most other materials do suffer from their own common issues.

One such issue is tiles becoming dislodged and falling off your roof. This is an indication of several problems and can lead to even further ones if it is not fixed quickly. A tile falling off your roof leaves a small portion of it exposed, which can result in leaks during rain. A fallen tile also leaves tiles around it prone to lifting and falling off, increasing the chances that your roof is even further damaged.

Why do tiles fall off your roof? Let’s look at three reasons:

Poor Installation
Is your home relatively new or did you have your roof replaced recently? Odds are if you’re experiencing tiles falling off then they were probably poorly or improperly installed. Your roofer may have used tiles that are not rated for the slope of your roof, or simply didn’t take the time and effort necessary to properly secure them down in a way that prevents them from falling.

Walking On Your Roof
Unlike shingles which are flexible and can withstand the weight of someone walking on them relatively easily, tiles are rigid and could crack or break under your feet. For this reason, you should avoid walking on your clay tile roof at all costs. Have you recently had someone service your roof? What about go on your roof to install something like a satellite dish? Odds are, their presence on your roof may have dislodged or cracked a tile enough to encourage it to fall.

Desert Climate
As stated previously, clay tiles are exceptionally good at withstanding years of abuse from brutal temperatures and extreme sunlight exposure. But they’re not immune from it. After a while, elemental exposure can weaken tiles, making them brittle and prone to cracking. High winds are also a big risk for clay tile roofs. While regular shingles sit flush and provide a flatter surface, clay tiles have gaps that air can fit into, which could lift tiles up enough to dislodge them and cause them to fall.

Tips to Prevent Tiles from Falling

Preventing tiles from falling off your roof is simpler than you might think. For starters, never set foot on your roof unless you absolutely need to (including installing a satellite dish where it can be accessed without going on the roof itself). Constantly monitor your roof and look for any tiles that appear to be loosening; if you spot any, call a professional Phoenix roofer to fix the issue quickly. If your roof is 10 years old or newer, contact your initial installer about the issue you are having; your roof may still be under warranty and you may be able to get the repair at no cost.

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