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Do I Need to Wash My Roof?

Your roof is a massive surface and extremely important part of your home, and naturally when it comes to keeping your home working well and lasting longer, keeping it clean can go a long way. But does this actually apply when it comes to your roof? The idea of keeping your roof clean is not a new one, and it’s one that confuses a lot of people. On one hand, a clean roof not only looks nice and increases the curb appeal of your home. But on the other, is it really necessary? Not to mention does blasting your roof with water actually present more of a risk to it than simply letting it be?

On this blog, we’ll answer a few of the most common questions about washing your roof and explain what you need to know about it.

Moss & Algae Growth

Is there an advantage to washing your roof? That depends primarily on what kind of material your roof is constructed from. Asphalt shingle roofs, for example, tend to be prone to moss growth in climates with high humidity and moisture in the air. This is a problem: moss can severely shorten the expected life of your roof. The bacteria, mold, and other organisms that can come from these materials can cause warping, wear, and other problems for your decking and other materials.

However, other materials aren’t nearly as receptive or prone to these issues. For example, clay or terra cotta tiles, which are far more common in Arizona, tend to be resistant to these issues. Because they lack carbon in their materials, mold doesn’t have a food source it can latch on to. Algae could grow in particularly shady spots, but for the overwhelming majority of the year the brutal sunlight and heat simply makes growth impossible. So really, if you live in Arizona, long as the water-tight seal over your decking stays intact, you don’t really have to worry about mold or algae growth.

Keeping Up Appearances

So if there’s not much of a functional advantage to washing your roof, is there an aesthetic advantage to doing so? That depends on what type of roof you have as well. Here’s a good general rule of thumb: the darker color your roof is, the more likely it will be to show dirt. Darker colors tend to look dirtier, while lighter colors tend to age better and look good, even when they have a layer of dirt or dust over them. Sure you can wash your roof to remove this layer, and it will help, but honestly you probably won’t even really notice that your roof’s color is changing as it will happen gradually over so many years.

There is one advantage to washing your roof, however—removing debris. If your roof has accumulated a collection of debris like leaves, pine needles, sticks, or twigs, washing your roof can help clear them away, and that’s a good thing. During general rainfall, this debris could be carried into your rain gutters, clogging them up and potentially damaging your roof and your foundation.

So in summary: do you need to wash your roof? Not exactly. More often than not, your roof in Arizona can last just fine without it. However, washing it can have some advantages in terms of keeping your home looking its best and brightest all year long.

If you do wish to wash your roof, the best way to do so is with a garden hose and spray nozzle attachment or even a pressure washer. However, do your best never to actually set foot on your roof, because you could damage it without knowing it. Instead, climb up on a ladder if need be, and gently spray your roof down with the water. You won’t need any soaping chemicals, however some companies do sell roof cleaning solutions which can add extra power to your washing abilities.

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