Three Roofing Problems That Require the Help of an Expert

Many homeowners take an immense sense of pride in their home and get a lot of satisfaction and joy out of maintaining and repairing it when something goes wrong. This includes everything from plumbing fixes to electrical problems and everything in between. In some cases, homeowners can even tackle minor issues with their roof entirely on their own. But that’s certainly not the case with everything. In fact, in many cases, roofing problems are actually better left to the professionals. This is because a poor repair or a repair that isn’t done properly can actually cause more damage to your roof, resulting in an even more difficult, labor-intensive, and expensive repair that needs to be done even more urgently.

If you have one of these three problems that you might think you can handle on your own, don’t get out the ladder and get on your roof. Pick up the phone and call a Phoenix roofing professional to make sure the job is done right.

Replacing Missing Tiles

Many people think that replacing roofing tiles is a piece of cake. After all, roof tiles are designed to fit together seamlessly in order to keep water and debris from damaging your roof. So if one goes missing, then logically you’d think it would be easy to slot a new one into its place. The truth is that many people actually disturb or unsettle other tiles while trying to install a new one. So while it may look as though they’ve fixed one problem, the truth is they’ve actually made their roof more porous and less secure in many other places.

And to top it off, many times people don’t actually get the new tile or tiles in correctly, and they simply fly off or disappear again the next time a big gust of wind or heavy rain comes up. Before you know it, what you thought was a simple replacement now requires a serious repair from a roofing professional because it’s created numerous leaks and even more water damage the next time severe weather hits your home. You’re much better off letting a pro handle it the first time.

Replacing Worn Flashing

Flashing is the name for the material that provides an extra seal around holes or areas where water tends to congregate in your roof. This means you’ll find it around the base of roof vent pipes, attic ventilation shafts, chimney connections, valleys between two planes, and more. Traditionally made of steel or another highly-durable and water-resistant material, flashing has an extremely difficult job. Because of this, it’s usually one of the first spots on your roof to wear out and needs to be repaired. The good news is replacing flashing is generally a simple job. The bad news: doing it wrong can cause tremendous damage to your roof.

When your flashing needs replaced, you’re far better off leaving the repair to a professional roofer. You want to make sure that your new flashing is waterproof, durable, and leak-free, and the only way to do that is to let an experienced pro handle the job for you.

Repairing Decking Damage

Your decking is the plywood base layer of your roof which your underlayment and roof tiles sit on top of. In other words, it’s pretty much the most important foundation layer that your entire roof sits on. Unfortunately, it’s also prone to issues like warping and contortion when it gets wet, and that means leaks can cause all kinds of consequences. When a roof warps, you could face an issue known as “ponding,” where water can actually become stuck in an area of your roof due to a depression in the surface not allowing it to slide down. This is particularly common in flat roofs, where the slope is so low that even a small amount of warping can cause these depressions.

Fixing these issues is often a difficult job because it requires removing a good chunk of the outer material of your roof and replacing the decking itself. Replacing and re-sealing this repaired section is a job where many DIY-ers make terrible mistakes that lead to leaks that could damage the rest of their roof or even damage the interior of their home or business.

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