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Answering Five Common Worries About Your Roofing Project

Are you having your roof repaired or replaced soon? There’s a good chance you would like to ask a few important and valid questions about what to expect when you trust your home to Lyons Roofing. On this blog, we’ll look at a few of them and provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Are You Licensed & Bonded?

Absolutely. We are a licensed contractor in the State of Arizona, license #R0C205554. This means we have sufficiently demonstrated mastery of our craft and successfully fulfilled all of the state’s requirements for obtaining a license. This is something we take extremely seriously, and we’re happy to provide all documentation and evidence upon your request. We are also bonded and insured for your protection and to provide you peace of mind that your home is in good hands.

Are Your Employees Trustworthy?

This is a very logical and realistic question. After all, you’re having a crew of people you’ve more than likely never met before come to your home and do serious work on it that will impact its integrity for the long term. Unlike most companies that use subcontractors for their installation crews or will even go out and find day laborers to help them get the job done, our crews do things differently. Every crew member is a vetted and verified employee of our company—we never use subcontractors, we never hire day labor, and we make sure every team member is fully trained. We never want training and education to slow down the job or compromise quality, so we make sure every person on each of our teams is prepared to get the job done.

Our employees also take special care of your home. For long projects, we provide portable restroom facilities for them to use, and we always bring the proper equipment for material clean-up, haul-away, and disposal. You will always be able to communicate with our teams—the project manager will always speak English, and they are always available to answer your questions and make sure your concerns properly addressed.

How Do You Accept Payment?

Lyons Roofing is proud to be flexible with the types of payments we accept. We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, and even credit cards. There is no supplemental charge for using a credit card, however we do offer a cash discount of 2% for customers who use a cash-based form of payment. We do not currently have anything in place to take credit card payments online, however our staff of customer service representatives is available to take your credit card over the phone. Project managers can also take credit card payments out in the field.

Are Your Estimates High Because We’re Paying for the Chopper?

We don’t own a helicopter. The only thing we own are the stickers currently affixed to the side of it. This is just one of our forms of marketing. Every business pays for marketing—it’s an investment in our day to day operations. Without marketing, we have no customers. Without customers, we aren’t in business anymore. Marketing is not an influence on our process—it’s an investment, not an expense. The only factor that drives the prices of our roofing services are material and labor costs. We only use premium materials from some of the finest names in the industry, including CertainTeed™, GAF™, Tamko™, and Owens Corning™. On top of that, every one of our crew members is trained, on staff full-time, and receives competitive wages and full benefits. This may make us not the cheapest roofers out there, but you can be certain the service we provide and the final product your home receives will be the best you’ll find anywhere.

Do You Do New Construction?

Yes and no. Yes, we do new construction projects, but only on custom-built homes. We never do bulk-build or low-bid projects because we believe they take away from our overall quality. When we provide a roof, we put in the hard work to ensure it will last, and that doesn’t lend itself to being able to handle massive multi-roof projects. While most low-bid companies will only offer two-year warranties on their roof, we’re proud to offer a warranty up to 10 years in most cases! You do the math—we think the answer speaks for itself. Additionally, we only offer services for parts of your home located above the roofline. While this means we don’t help with things like windows or siding, we do believe it helps us focus on delivering the best roofing services available.

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