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Choosing a Contractor

How to Find a Roofer You Can Trust

When it comes time to replace or repair your roof, it’s a big deal. Not only is it a significant investment, but you are entrusting the well-being of your home to the expertise of a stranger. Most people will only have to deal with roof replacement once in a lifetime. So how do you make sure you’re choosing a team that will have your best interests at heart? Our team here at Lyons Roofing has put together a few pointers that we find important when it comes to getting the best for your home.

Shop Around

When you first start your search, it is an excellent idea to talk to several companies – we recommend no fewer than three – before deciding on who to hire. The idea here is to get a reasonable idea of price range in your area. As you compare bids, remember to be wary of those that are significantly higher or lower than the others. During your conversations with contractors, be sure to ask questions and take note of any vague or evasive answers. An honest, reliable contractor will be forthright with you, even if the answer to your question may not be what you want to hear.

Look at the Track Record

With something as important as your roof, there is little margin for error. You want to be certain that the team you choose has a strong reputation for quality work, backed by years of experience and testimonials from satisfied clients. Do a little legwork and look into the histories of the contractors you are considering to see if they are well-reviewed and how they handle conflict if it arises. In some cases, the contractor may be able to supply you with a list of customers who you can call and ask about their experiences firsthand.

Verify Licensing & Insurance

Because roofing has the potential to be dangerous without the appropriate training, tools, and equipment, it is always extremely important that you choose a contractor who has all the licenses and permitting required of them. These licenses and permits confirm that the contractor has demonstrated an ability to maintain good safety standards. Additionally, you should never work with a roofing company that is unable or unwilling to offer proof of insurance for its employees.

Look Beyond Price

In roofing, as in life, you get what you pay for. As you talk to prospective contractors and get their estimates, it should offer a price range that tells you what is reasonable to expect in the area for that project. If you notice, however, that one bid is significantly lower than the others, be cautious. Smaller, under-trained operations can generally offer lower bids, but rarely have the experience or skill to complete the job safely or properly. They may lack the licenses, permitting, and insurance necessary, and often end up costing homeowners far more in repairs than they saved on the job.

Expect the Unexpected

Even with reputable companies and experienced contractors, things can sometimes go wrong. It could be a miscommunication, an honest mistake, or simple bad luck. A good, trustworthy company will have plans in place for situations like these – ask them how they handle errors!

Get Everything in Writing

Once you select a contractor, be certain that every part of your agreement is in writing. Know how much you are being charged, how long they are expecting the job to take, whether they can add additional charges without your knowledge, and when payment is due. You should never, ever be left wondering about any aspect of this process.

If it’s time for you to get roofing service done, our team at Lyons Roofing will happily walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to get started!