Man Holding Ice Over A Roof

Can Ice Damage Your Roof?

What a Severe Winter Could Do to Your Roof

As the temperature begins to drop, it’s time to prepare your home for the colder weather. With a new season comes new weather patterns, and even in parts of the country where the sun is out all year long, you’ll need to prepare for layers of ice to form on your lawn, your car, and even your roof.

When water or snow freezes on your roof, it can lead to serious damages that compromise the safety of your home and could require expensive repairs. We asked our licensed roofing experts to put together a list of the most common cold-weather roofing issues so you can spot the signs of potential danger. If you believe that your roof may be damaged by ice, snow, or other chill-related issues, contact the experts right away to prevent serious structural problems.

Common Cold-Weather Roofing Issues Include:

  • Ice Dams – An ice dam is a wall of ice or snow that forms around the edges of your roof, typically around the draining system. Ice dams prevent water from safely draining off your roof, causing leaks that direct that water into your home instead.
  • Freezing Cracks – If you have existing cracks or flaws in your roof, cold weather can make them much worse. Any water that gets into those cracks could freeze, expanding them and making the damage worse. Additionally, water that freezes and melts repeatedly in a short period can create even bigger problems that may require you to replace your entire roof. Get your roof inspected before winter hits to avoid this issue.
  • Condensation – Moisture in your roof isn’t always obvious and doesn’t always come from the outside. Condensation from the hot air in your home meeting your chilled roof in your attic could cause moisture to sink into your roof from below instead of pooling on top of it, where it can weaken the structure of your home or cause mold growth and wood rot. If you notice that parts of your roof have dipped or sagged, or that your walls have started to crack, call a roofer immediately for an inspection.

How to Protect Your Home

While cold weather can cause serious damage to your roof, you aren’t defenseless. With a little help from a professional roofer, you can ensure that your roof is protected from ice, snow, condensation, and other winter threats. Just ask your local roofers to help you take the precautions below to protect your home from leaks, mold, and other damages.

Use These Easy Protection Tips:

  • Make sure your roof’s underlayment is waterproof
  • Get your roof inspected for cracks before winter begins
  • Get any missing shingles replaced
  • Ensure that any drainage systems your roof has are working properly
  • Clean off any snow that may collect on your roof
  • Be on the lookout for warning signs like sagging roof edges, water leaks, jammed doors, and strange creaking sounds that could indicate structural issues

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