Roof Replacement

Reasons to Replace Your Roof in 2022

It’s almost time to ring in the new year, which means it’s also time to think about resolutions for 2022. At Lyons Roofing, our goal for every year is to help customers improve their homes with the strongest, longest lasting roofing materials on the market. If you are thinking about replacing your roof, now is a great time to do it. Our residential roofing pros offer options for virtually every homeowner, at prices that are transparent and fair. Keep reading for the top reasons to replace your roof in 2022, courtesy of the award-winning roofing team at Lyons.

The Top 7 Reasons 2022 Is the Year to Finally Replace Your Roof

  1. Your Roof Is Old: While a solid roof can go decades without being replaced, this only happens with proper maintenance. Also, if you live in an area where your home is exposed to extreme temperatures – either hot or cold – you may need to make regular repairs to your roof to ensure it remains in good condition. Here in Arizona, the hot sun can dry out shingles and tiles quickly, causing granules to deteriorate so you lose protection from UV rays. Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, it may be rain or snow that’s causing leaks, or other moisture-related issues such as mold growth. For all these reasons, if your roof is 20-years-old or older, we suggest hiring a roofer to see if you need a replacement.
  2. Your Roof Has Experienced Water Damage: We alluded to it above, but water damage is one of the biggest threats to your roofing system. You may notice it coming through your walls or ceiling, or see direct evidence of it on your roof. While you can repair water damage, there comes a point where continued patching no longer makes sense. If you live in a part of the country where it rains a lot, you may need to have your roof replaced sooner rather than later. Roofing systems are doubly damaged in cases where the roof soaks up a lot of water, and then the temperature rises, and that water is absorbed, causing your shingles and tiles to crack and break. Just remember to watch out for water stains on your roof/in your home, and call a professional ASAP if you are seeing a lot of leaks.
  3. Your Roof Has Accumulated Significant Debris: Does your roof have leaves, sticks, and other debris all over it? These materials can become a major problem when they get into your roof valleys, i.e. the channels that run along the inside angles of your roof. When significant debris builds up, water will not be able to drain properly, and it is more likely for your roof to become corroded, forcing you to replace it. Hire a roofer for an inspection if you are worried this is happening on your roof; you may even end up finding animal nests or foreign objects that have been stuck up there and damaging your roof for a long time.
  4. Your Shingles Are Falling Off/Missing: Missing shingles can lead to rotting in your roof, which in turn leads to holes. This is extremely dangerous, and if it happens for long enough, your entire roof can cave in. While a professional roofer can easily replace a few shingles, if your shingles are routinely falling off and/or you’re already missing a significant amount of them, it’s probably a good idea to just upgrade your roof entirely.
  5. You Need Work Done in Your Attic: If you need to replace the roofing above your attic, it is oftentimes a smart move to just go for complete roof replacement. As an experiment, go in your attic and see if you can spot any holes. If you can see daylight through your roof boards, that means there is a significant chance you need to replace your roof
  6. Your Roof No Longer Looks Great: All of the issues we mentioned above – water stains, mold, missing shingles, holes and cracks – contribute to a roof that just doesn’t look great. While one of these issues alone may not force you to replace your roof, the more wear and tear it experiences over time, the worse it is going to look. At a certain point, your roof is not just unsafe, it is an unsightly eyesore for yourself and everyone else in the neighborhood. Bottom line: if you want your house to look good, it is important to have a good-looking roof. This also applies if…
  7. You Are Thinking About Moving: An aesthetically pleasing roof is a huge part of your house’s curb appeal. This is why it’s always better to replace your roof before selling your house, rather than waiting for the demands of a buyer to kick in. By getting ahead of the problem, you can avoid liability issues and all but guarantee your home will receive a higher asking price. After all, would you want to move into a house with an old, ugly-looking roof?

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