Skylight in house

Do Skylights Increase the Value of Your Home?

If you already have skylights, you know the many benefits they provide. But, if you are considering installing skylights, you may be wondering whether the investment is a good idea, or if adding skylights will increase the overall value of your home. When considering the return on investment of installing skylights, there are several things to consider beyond your home’s resale value. Below we look at how skylights may potentially increase the value of your home, as well as the intangible benefits they provide.

Predicting the Return on Investment of Installing Skylights

It is impossible to know exactly what your return on investment will be after installing skylights in your home. However, generally speaking, skylights are seen as a positive feature, and many potential buyers find them aesthetically appealing. Consequently, many people see skylights as well worth the investment, and you are very likely to see a good return on your investment.

Skylights can also help improve the energy efficiency of your home, further saving you money and helping you recoup your investment. With increased sunlight, you will rely less on your electrical lighting during the day. Similarly, appropriately placed skylights can harness the sun’s warmth in the winter, helping you to rely less on your home’s furnace. Both of these benefits will reduce your electrical consumption and costs over time.

Common Concerns about Skylights

Many people worry that skylights are not good for homes in hot climates like Arizona, citing that the increased sun will simply heat up their homes and cause them to run their air conditioners more frequently. While this may be the case with poorly designed and improperly placed skylights, our professional skylight installers work with you to find the best location and angles for installing your skylights, ensuring that you benefit from increased light without compromising the comfort of your home.

Similarly, it is not uncommon for people to worry that a skylight represents a weak point in your roofing system and that they are prone to leaks. This is a myth. Not only should a professionally installed skylight not leak, but skylights themselves are not inherently prone to leaks. That being said, if your skylight becomes damaged, it is important to get repairs as quickly as possible to ensure that problem is rectified right away. It is also important to keep up with your routine roof maintenance to ensure all seals and flashing are in good condition.

How to Assess the Benefits of Installing Skylights

When considering whether to install skylights in your home, instead of wondering whether you will “get your money back” when it comes time to sell your property, you should take a more holistic approach. Below we consider some of the other benefits of installing skylights, and how they may help increase your home’s value.

Keep reading to learn about how skylights can improve the comfort, look, and value of your property.

Improved Lighting & Overall Aesthetic Appeal

Perhaps the number one reason most people want to install skylights is to improve the lighting in their homes. Whether you are installing ventilated skylights, fixed skylights, or solar tube lights, skylights can dramatically improve the overall atmosphere of your home. With improved brightness, your home will feel fresher and more open. More natural light has also been shown to improve moods.

Stylistically, skylights are incredibly versatile. They look at home in a variety of settings and styles, from mid-century to traditional to ultra-modern designs. Skylights add architectural and visual interest to your home and can be expertly placed to compliment your existing design.

Skylights also offer unique views of the sky, and in Arizona, where we have more than our fair share of clear skies, they can offer beautiful views of the night sky. As such, many people like putting skylights in bedrooms and entertaining spaces. An added benefit: skylights allow you to enjoy the views without sacrificing privacy.

Attracting Potential Buyers

As mentioned earlier, skylights are generally seen positively by potential buyers. This is because most people prefer natural light, especially in their most-used living spaces. While some buyers who have had bad experiences in the past may worry about leaks, your well-maintained, professionally installed skylights will offer nothing but benefits. Additionally, with the increased natural light in your home, you can better showcase your home to potential buyers.

Vented skylights are particularly attractive to buyers when installed in kitchens and bathrooms as these areas often suffer from excess moisture and humidity. The added ventilation can help ensure that these areas look and feel fresh and airy. Similarly, if you have a dark entryway or hallway, a solar tube light can be installed to bring in much-needed light to these dark areas, helping the space appear more open and spacious.

Installing skylights with special UV coatings can also be a good selling point for your home as these coatings allow you to enjoy the natural light without worrying about the sun’s UV rays damaging your furniture, carpets, and artwork.

To find out if skylights would benefit your home, call Lyons Roofing and schedule an appointment with one of our skylight specialists.