Homeowner Roof Safety Tips

How To Stay Safe When Performing DIY Roof Maintenance

As a homeowner, you care about the condition of your roof. Not only do you rely on your roof to protect your home, but roof repairs and replacements can be costly. Many homeowners are avid DIYers, and much of your roofing maintenance can be done yourself. However, whether you are a first-time or long-time homeowner, safety must be a priority whenever you work on your roof.

Safety checklist before starting a roofing DIY project:

  • Check that you have the materials and equipment you need
  • Check that all of your tools and equipment are in good condition and working order
  • Test your ladder and make sure that you are following good ladder safety
  • Ask someone to help you; do not work on your roof alone
  • Wear appropriate clothing, shoes, and safety gear
  • Don't go up on an unsafe roof

Below we review five of our top roof safety tips for homeowners. Keep reading to find out how to keep your roof in good shape while staying safe.

Tip #1: Never Go On Your Roof In Bad Weather

Roof leaks often don't show themselves until it rains. If you see water dripping into your home during a rainstorm, you may feel panicked and worried about how much damage this water is doing to your roof and home. Water is indeed one of the most destructive elements, especially to roofing, but the last thing you want to do is go up on your roof trying to solve the problem in the middle of a rainstorm or other bad weather.

Instead, put a bucket under the leak to catch the water and keep the area as dry as possible. Then call the professional roofers at Lyons Roofing. Additionally, if you are dealing with a water leak, it is always better to work with a professional on the repairs to ensure that the leak is fully resolved (see Tip #5 for more on this).

Tip #2: Don't Rush Through Repairs

If you are performing DIY roof repairs, you want to make sure that you go slowly and methodically. Trying to rush through a repair job can lead to an accident. Whether it's a dropped piece of equipment, getting snagged on something, or suffering a fall, roofing accidents can be catastrophic and lead to serious injury. Furthermore, if you are working near electrical lines or are dealing with a roof installation that involves electricity, you want to be especially careful.

Tip #3: Use Proper Equipment

When working on a roof, it is critical that you have all the proper equipment and tools to do the job. This is not the time to make do with whatever you have on hand. Improperly completed repairs are unlikely to resolve the issue you're dealing with and can also create hazardous conditions. Not only do you risk damaging your roof and leaving it vulnerable to future problems, but you also risk hurting yourself or those around you. For example, if you are trying to replace shingles and don't have the proper equipment, they may not be securely affixed, and the next time it is windy, they can fall from the roof and injure someone.

If you need to complete repairs and don't have the right materials, equipment, or tools, reach out to Lyons Roofing. We can handle the repairs quickly and safely.

Tip #4: Be Smart When Hanging Your Christmas Lights

We love the holiday season, and one of our favorite winter pastimes is driving around town looking at everyone's holiday light displays. Hanging lights and other decorations on your house and roof is hard work and can also be dangerous. Before you start hanging lights this year, review the above roof project safety checklist. We also recommend checking all of your lights and decorations to make sure they work before you get up on your roof. Avoid messing around trying to make Santa's sleigh light up when you're on the roof. Doing so creates a distraction that can lead to an accident.

For more holiday roof safety tips, review our blog here.

Tip #5: Know When You Need Professional Help

Finally, perhaps the most important roof safety tip for homeowners is to know when you need professional help. Even the most experienced DIYers can't do everything. Roofing systems are complicated, and they can be incredibly expensive to repair or replace. If you are not comfortable performing a repair, or if you would like the reassurance that comes from working with a licensed professional, call Lyons Roofing. We live and breathe roofing and are always happy to help you out.