Are Solar Tubular Lights Prone to Leaking?

Common Issues Associated with Solar Tubular Lights

Perhaps the most common question we are asked about solar tubular lights is whether they will increase the likelihood of roof leaks. This is a good question, and you are right to be concerned with roof leaks. Leaks are the number one cause of roof damage, and just a small amount of water can cause extensive (not to mention expensive) damage to your roof. However, your solar tube lights should not leak if properly installed and well-maintained.

Any time you cut a hole in your roof, leaking is a concern. This is because roof installations, by their nature, compromise the integrity of your roof. That said, solar tubular lights are small and tend only to have a small dome, making them much less likely to leak than other roof installations.

Solar tube light leaks are most frequently caused by the following:

  • Improper installation
  • Weather or storm damage
  • Old lights that are past their lifespan or have not been well-maintained
  • Old roofing that is past its lifespan and needs to be replaced

Call Lyons Roofing for repairs if you have a leaking solar tube light or skylight. We can help you diagnose the source of the leak and repair any damage.

Keep reading for more answers to some frequently asked questions about solar tubular lights.

How Long Do Solar Tubular Lights Last?

Solar tube light lifespans are about the same as skylights, anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Whether you get the full lifespan out of your tube lighting will depend on the condition of your roof when it is installed and how well-maintained it is. Though solar tubular lights do not require much maintenance (typically, keeping them clean and free from debris are all you need to do), if your roof is in poor condition, it may impact how long you get out of your tube lights.

You do not have to replace your solar tube lighting when you replace your roof, but it is often recommended. Speak with our roofers to find out if you need to replace your solar lights the next time you replace your roof.

Do Solar Tubular Lights Provide Ventilation?

No, solar tube lights do not provide ventilation. Their sole purpose is to give more light to a specific area, such as a dark hallway or interior room. If you want an option that also brings more ventilation, you should consider installing a skylight or roof window.

Are Solar Tubular Lights a Better Option Than a Skylight?

Solar tube lights offer many benefits. However, they are no better or worse than skylights. Solar tube lights and skylights are typically used for different purposes and in different situations. As such, they are not interchangeable, and you would not install a solar tubular light in an area where you would install a skylight.

Solar tubular lights are much smaller than skylights, and they typically redirect sunlight from one point to another interior point through a series of reflections along the tube. Meanwhile, skylights provide direct access to and a view of the sky. Skylights tend to be more expensive to install than solar tube lights as well, especially given that they are much larger.

Always Work with a Professional

When installing solar tube lights, it is important that you hire an experienced, licensed roofer to complete the installation. As mentioned above, any time you install something on or in your roof, you can compromise the integrity of your roof’s structure. Improper installation can lead to significant problems that are costly to repair, including substantial leaks.

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