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Are you looking to fix a problematic roof without paying for a full replacement? Trust the Phoenix reroofing experts at Lyons Roofing to provide a cost-effective solution. Reroofing is the process in which a new layer of roofing material is added to a roof to increase its durability and energy-efficiency. This solution eliminates the need to remove your current roofing system, thus decreasing the cost of installation.

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Reroofing Vs. Roof Replacement

Even the best roofs will start to develop cracks, rot, and leaks, eventually reaching the point where they need to be replaced. When your roof reaches this point, you can choose between full roof replacement or reroofing. Reroofing is a more affordable alternative to roof replacement and can have the same great results – improved appearance and function of your roof.

Here are some of the key differences between roof replacement and reroofing:

  • Roof replacement – The process of completely replacing a roof begins with removing all existing shingles and underlayment. The exposed wood decking is inspected for various forms of damage, including rotted wood and improper attachment. Any damage that is found will need to be repaired before the new roof is installed. After the repairs are complete, new underlayment is applied and then covered with a brand new layer of shingles. If necessary, ridge vents, roof flashing, and other roof components will also be replaced.
  • Reroofing – The reroofing process begins with making minor repairs to shingles to create a flat surface that will support the new shingles. If necessary, roof flashings will be replaced. Once the surface has been fully prepped, a new layer of shingles is installed over the existing shingles. This new layer enhances the appearance of a home and extends the life of a roof by adding protection from the elements.

Reroofing is often the preferred choice for many homeowners for several reasons. First, reroofing is much more affordable than roof replacement due to the reduction of labor and materials required. Another reason is because the job can be completed in far less time, typically taking only one or two days. However, reroofing is not right for everyone. Some roofs will be unsuitable for reroofing and will require full replacement.

When Can a Roof Be Reroofed?

The reroofing process is typically performed on homes that have asphalt shingles with no significant damage to the roofing elements under the shingles. If your roof’s wood decking is rotten, has a leak, or has a spongy feeling as you walk across it, your home is a better candidate for roof replacement. Also, if your roof has already been reroofed, you’ll need to go with a full replacement.

30+ Years of Experience

Lyons Roofing has been providing quality roofing solutions since 1993. With over 30 years of experience, our team is capable of delivering the best results for your reroofing project. When you choose to work with our professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing the job will be done right and we’ll be around to handle any warranty work, should the need arise. Get in touch today so we can help you make the most informed decision about improving the condition of your roof.

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    It is very important that we generate a high level of trust amongst not only our employees but our customers and community as well. We were recognized for this by the Better Business Bureau.

  • In Top 5% of Safest Companies

    We are one of the few roofing companies in Arizona that has a full-time Safety Director who continually monitors the companies’ compliance with all State and Federal safety requirements.

  • Highly Trained & Certified Staff

    We’re an industry leader with a highly trained and experienced team dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and continually improving our services and raising our standards.

  • 30+ Years of Industry Experience

    Our experience ensures that we'll know how to handle any obstacle that's thrown our way. You can rest assured that we've seen it all, and we'll be able to alleviate any roofing issue your home may encounter.

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