My Home Inspection Found Roof Problems-Now What?

Buying a home can be both an exciting and frightening experience. On one hand, you hope you're getting the home of your dreams. On the other hand, you don't really know the problems that could be lurking behind the walls.

That's why you get a home inspection: so you know what you're getting into. But when the inspection comes back with major problems, like a leaking roof, what should you do?

Get a Roof Inspection from a Trusted Roofing Contractor

Your general inspector will likely note any potential issues they see. However, they also know they aren't roofing experts. So if there's even a small sign of a potential problem, they'll suggest you get an inspection from a roofing company. Do it!

That small leak could be an easy fix. Or it could mean replacing an entire section of the roof. You won't know unless you have someone check. So if your general inspection says to get a roof inspection, get a roof inspection.

Need to find a good roofing company? Here's our 3 steps to finding an Arizona roofing contractor.

Understand Your Options

If you've received bad news from the roofing contractor, don't blame the roofer! They're just the messenger.

You now have a few options:

  • Ask the seller to complete the repair/re-roof.
  • Ask for a credit so you can get the repair/re-roof done yourself.
  • Continue the process without negotiating.
  • Walk away from the deal.

For minor repairs, real estate agents will usually tell you not to bother asking the seller to do anything. After all, no home is perfect. But roof repairs are rarely minor. Your roof is the single largest and likely most expensive "system" in your home. Plus, if the inspection has uncovered major roof problems, you might have issues getting home insurance or a loan.

So you may want to ask for something from your seller. But how do you know how much to ask for? Here are some tips…

How to Know How Much to Ask For

When negotiating a roof repair before buying a house, you must consider a few factors to decide how much to ask for.

  • The home price in relation to the market. Is the home already priced below market value? If so, the seller has likely already included some of the home's condition into the price.
  • Time on market/number of offers. If you are the only offer on a house that's been on the market for awhile, you have more leverage. If there are multiple offers and the home was just listed, the homeowner is more likely to reject requests for repairs.
  • The total cost of repairs. Make sure you get an estimate on what the actual roof repair would cost. Use that in your negotiation. If you're only asking for a portion of the total cost, the seller might be more willing to accept.

If You Get a Repair, Ask for a Warranty

For some added peace of mind, ask your seller to provide a roof warranty after the repairs are done. (But make sure it’s from a trustworthy company with a long history. Warranties are only as good as the company standing behind them.)

Some roofing companies, like Lyons Roofing, will warranty a roof against leaks or problems. These warranties can be transferred to the new owner (you). Then, if there are roof repairs down the road, you know you’re covered.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Now that you know what to do, take the first step and schedule a roof inspection with a professional roofing company. Lyons Roofing serves all of metro Phoenix and Tucson. If you're buying a new home and want a roof inspection, give us a call.