How Long Does a Roof Typically Last in Arizona?

Tile RoofSo, you want to know how long a roof lasts in sunny Arizona? No problem! The lifespan of a roof here strongly depends on the roof’s material.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Clay tile roof – 40-50+ years (Clay lasts the longest, but it’s also fragile. So be careful when walking up there!)
  • Concrete tile roof – 40-50 years
  • Shingle roof – 20-50 years (depending on the quality of the shingles)
  • Foam flat roof – 25-35 years
  • Shake roof – Up to 30 years

To keep out water, clay and tile roofs have a felt underlayment. It deteriorates over time and needs replacing every 12-20 years. Of course, all of the above estimates are just that: estimates. To get the full use out of your roof, follow these tips.

3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Roof

  1. Prepare your roof for monsoon season:Arizona’s monsoon season, which lasts between June and September, is a trying time for your roof. Prepare it by:
    1. Inspecting your trees— Look for cracks or splits or signs of decay (fungal growth, hollow cavities.) These trees should be removed so they don’t fall on your home.
    2. Trimming/pruning your trees— Take off any limbs that look like they’re dead or dying and trim back all branches at least 10 feet from your roof. According to Moon Valley Nursery, a well-trimmed and healthy tree should be thin enough to see the sky above if you look through it.
  2. Check your roof annually: Look for missing or cracked shingles and tiles, which would allow the sun to eat away at the waterproofing underlayment, deteriorating it to the point where it’s no longer waterproof.
  3. Get a professional roof tune-up: A roofing tune-up is like regular maintenance on your car—it helps you catch small problems before they become big disasters that could hurt your roof—and the rest of your home.

At Lyons Roofing, we do the following for a roof tune-up:

  • Talk with you about the history of roof to discover any current problems you know about
  • Evaluate your roof’s condition, even looking at the interior of your home and attic to find evidence of leaks.
  • Clean the entire roof and drains of loose debris.
  • Check for potential problems posed by nearby trees.
  • Repair and reseal all roof penetrations (vents, drains, skylights etc.) as needed. These are common sources of leaks.
  • Review wall and curb flashings and repair them, if needed.
  • And much more.

Lyons Roofing serves the entire metro Phoenix and Tucson areas. For more information about our top-rated roofing services, contact us online or call (520) 447-2522 today.