How Much Does an Asphalt Shingle Roof Cost in Arizona?

The cost of replacing an asphalt shingle roof in Arizona varies as much as the size and styles of roofs vary. Here at Lyons Roofing, our average shingle re-roof is $8,000 to $10,000.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Installing a Shingle Roof

  • Roof size
  • Pitch (how steep the roof is)
  • Number of current layers
  • Number of roof adornments
  • Repairs needed
  • Who you hire (labor costs)

You usually won't see these itemized out on a contract. But they are all the factors a roofer will roll up into the final cost.

Let's explain each of these factors so you'll know what to expect cost-wise with a new shingle roof.

Roof size

Larger roof = more materials needed = bigger cost. Duh!

But, seriously, roofers will often quote you by the roof size, which is measured in "squares" (that's 100 sq ft).

So, if you have a roof that is 1,600 sq ft that's 16 squares.

Keep in mind, we're talking about the size of the ROOF not your HOME. The size of your roof is typically larger than the size of your home.

Pitch (steepness)

Roofing a steep roof takes more time, increasing the cost. The steepness of the slopes varies based on your home's style. Ranch and colonial style homes have simple and straightforward roofs and are relatively inexpensive to roof.

Tudor homes, on the other hand, have many problematic slopes and are relatively more expensive to roof.

Number of current shingle layers

You can save money by installing shingles over a current layer of shingles. (not recommended but possible with the right conditions) But, in Arizona's roofing code you can't install over 2 layers of shingles (3+ layers would be too heavy).

So, if you're at the 2 layer limit, the roofer will need to tear off your current layers, then install a new one, taking more time and therefore increasing the cost.

Number of roof adornments

Chimneys, skylights, dead valleys, facets, solar panels-any of these roof adornments will increase installation cost because it makes the job more complex.

Think of it like cutting a yard: if all you had to do was cut a plain Jane yard with nothing in it, the job would be pretty easy (you know, minus the 100+ degree Arizona weather).

However, if you have to work around an above ground pool, a fancy fountain, and a plethora of children’s toys, the job becomes much more strenuous and time consuming.

Repairs needed

Speaking of chimneys and skylights, they may have leaks or problems with their flashing that the roofer needs to address.

Also, your roof may have some integrity issues (decaying wood, for example) that the roofer needs to fix before re-roofing.

Who you hire (labor costs)

Cost and quality usually go hand in hand with roofing. If someone presents you a very low cost, they may be cutting corners.

Factors that can lower the cost of the estimate AND the quality of the roof include:

  • Using subcontractors
  • The contractors or subcontractors aren't licensed, bonded or insured (You should never hire an unlicensed contractor no matter how much money it could save you)
  • There's no labor warranty (All new roofs come with a manufacturer's material warranty, but it's up to the roofer to offer a labor warranty on their work.)
  • Roofers aren't disposing the old roof materials (Read the contract carefully to see if this is the case or not)

So don't just go with the cheapest quote, or you may pay more in the long run. Bear in mind, the manufacturer's warranty is contingent on the correct installation of the materials. If your roofing contractor is taking short cuts it could cost your that lifetime warranty.

Get 2-3 estimates and read the contracts carefully to make sure you're comparing apples to apples.

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Get a free shingle roof estimate in Phoenix, AZ

So all this is nice in theory. But if you want some cold, hard numbers for how much your new asphalt roof will cost, you'll need to get a roofer to give you an estimate.

Really, you should get at least 2-3.

Why not get your first one from us? *nudge* *nudge*

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