How Much Does a Spray Foam Roof Cost in Arizona?

Anatomy of a Spray Foam Roof

Foam roofs rock for flat roofs. That’s why over 90% of Arizona roofs use spray polyurethane foam to cover over an existing flat roof. But how much does spray foam roofing cost?

Well, the answer is “it depends.” You’ll need to get an estimate from a Phoenix roofing contractor to discover the true price. If your current roof system is in good enough condition, we can spray foam on top of your existing roof for $3,500 to $13,000+. However, if your roof system has integrity issues (wood), those should be fixed before a roofer installs a spray foam roofing system. That would mean tearing off your old system before installing a new system.

But, tear off aside, let’s explore why a typical spray foam roof costs $3,500 to $13,000+.

The cost is affected by these three factors:

  1. Roof size
  2. Roof complexity
  3. The company you hire

Cost Factor #1: Roof Size

Roof size is the biggest cost factor. Roofers will quote you a roof installation by the square. One square = 10×10 area (or 100 sq ft). So if your roof is 2,400 sq feet, you’ll pay for 24 squares of foam. With that being said, the cost of a square of foam will vary from roofer to roofer.

A spray polyurethane foam roof can cost between $250 to $300 per square for the first 1” of foam. Meaning if your home’s roof is 2,400 sq ft, a new foam roof could cost $6,000 to $7,200.

Cost Factor #2: Roof Complexity

By complexity, we don’t mean your roof has a dark, complex past like your favorite character in that novel you’re reading. Complexity means the number of chimneys or skylights your roof has. These can increase the cost of the project since roofers must work around them. Roofers may also need to repair flashing around the chimney or skylights, adding to the cost.

Cost Factor #3: The Roofing Company You Hire

Imagine you get two roofing companies to give you a foam roof estimate. One estimate is far cheaper than the other.

Lucky you, right? Not so fast.

That cost may be lower because they’re not offering you the same quality of service as the higher estimate. Spray foam installation is an art. The installer is the critical component of a successful installation.

Factors that can lower the cost of the estimate and the quality of the roof include:

  • Using subcontractors
  • The contractors or subcontractors aren’t licensed, bonded or insured (You should never hire an unlicensed contractor no matter how much money it could save you)
  • There’s no labor warranty (All new roofs come with a manufacturer’s material warranty, but it’s up to the roofer to offer a labor warranty on their work.)
  • Roofers aren’t disposing of the old roof materials (Read the contract carefully to see if this is the case or not)

Don’t just go with the cheapest quote for your spray foam roofing project, or you may pay more in the long run. Get two to three estimates first and read the contracts carefully to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

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