Preventing Roof Damage from Birds

When you think of things that can damage your roof, the first things that often come to mind are windstorms, falling tree limbs, constant exposure to UV rays, or other types of natural factors. A major factor that many people forget, however, are birds. From pigeons to woodpeckers, feathered birds can wreak havoc on a roof’s integrity and greatly contribute to its deterioration over time.

Common ways birds can destroy your roof include:

  1. Droppings: Bird droppings are extremely acidic and can slowly dissolve away nearly any type of roofing, particularly those which are tar-based such as buildings with asphalt shingles. In fact, studies have shown that the constant application of bird droppings can cut the lifespan of a warehouse roof in half.
  2. Nests: Birds tend to build their nests in small spaces such as gutters and drains. When these areas become blocked, they can cause standing water to be continuously applied to your roof’s materials and inflict major damage over time, such as mold, rot, and possible water damage to your home’s walls.
  3. Fire hazards: Nesting materials such as dried twigs, grass, and other natural items can easily catch fire if constructed near electrical components on a roof, especially during dry weather or near exposed wiring. Likewise, nests in chimneys and ventilation systems can obstruct air flow and possibly cause smoke to back up into the building.

How Can Bird Damage Be Prevented?

Even those with a professional bird deterrent program will tell you, it is near impossible to eliminate the birds once they have nested. However, you can still prevent the expensive problems by performing regular maintenance on your roof. Systematic maintenance of your roof will stay in front of the organic debris that threatens the life expectancy of your roof.

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