Five More Smart Roofer's Tips to Help Make Roofs Last Longer

The quality of a roof and how long it lasts depends on the quality of the materials that made it, the team that installed it in the first place, and how much regular maintenance the property owner is willing to put into it. If you are a homeowner or business owner who wants to get the longest lifespan possible from your roof, which should ultimately save you big bucks in the end, you are going to need to know plenty of roof maintenance tips. We actually discussed some back in October in another blog entry, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already.

Here’s five additional smart roof maintenance tips that you should know and follow:

  1. Clear out your gutters: This cannot be stressed enough – clogged gutters are a big problem! When your gutters aren’t flowing properly, the overflow can run down the side of the building and ruin paint, or pool up on the lowest level. However, it can also make a little stream that “flows” upwards, leading to water soaking through the roof’s sheathing, into the wood, and causing rot. If you have the ladder and the ability, do a fast gutter check once a month; otherwise, hire a professional.
  2. Brush away leaves: Piles of leaves can be a menace for flat-topped roofs. If the pile is allowed to sit long enough, it can trap moisture and decompose the wood and roofing under it. In some extreme cases where leaves have been allowed to sit undisturbed for a long time, it can actually create a layer of soil that sprouts into weeds and plant-life. Rooftop gardens might be popular right now but that is not exactly the right way to make one. When going to remove them, make certain you don’t use a pressure washer that could damage the roof. Typically, a push broom is better.
  3. Moss clean up: It is a little unusual to have moss build-up on your roof in Arizona, but it is not totally unheard of, especially if you live right near an artificial lake. You’ll know its moss and not algae on your tiling and shingles if it appears to have some substance to it and you can notice it rising above the rest of the roof. You need to get rid of moss before it attracts and collects too much moisture, like a pile of leaves can do (see directly above). You might even want to consider getting zinc strips installed at the top of your roof, which sterilizes water as it runs off to prevent moss growth.
  4. Branch cutting: This tip really does warrant a second mention – cut branches that get too close to your home. Many people find problems or damage to their roof and wonder how it happened, unaware that the culprit is towering right above them in the form of a tree. Branches and tree limbs that hang too closely to your roof also serve as a convenient access point for critters, who you also don’t want trotting around up there.
  5. The scene from afar: This tip isn’t so much about actual roof maintenance but is really about how to perform it. Climbing up a ladder to complete an inspection can be understandably daunting for people who aren’t in the roofing profession, or for some people with physical impairments, it just isn’t an option. The good news is that you can complete a pretty good inspection while standing on terra firma and using a trusty pair of binoculars. When you spot something that looks off, make a note of it and call a professional.

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