Why Do So Many Homes in Arizona Have Tile Roofing?

While residents have many choices for their roofing, a walk or drive through the average Arizona neighborhood can reveal a clear favorite; tile roofs are the overwhelming majority.

Why do so many homes in Arizona have tile roofing? Between a long life span and creating the right look, tile can be beneficial in more ways than you may realize.

Durability and Longevity

If you have lived In Phoenix for any amount of time, you may have noticed the fluctuations in the weather.

When tile has been properly installed, it can withstand extremes from intense storms in monsoon seasons, to the scorching heat of summer. Tile is resistant to wind, heat, rot, and insect damage.

Tile is the water shedding component of a tile roof system. The waterproofing component is the underlayment beneath the tile. Although the tile portion can last 50-60 years the underlayment will likely need replacement every 12-20 years dependent on the material used and workmanship when installed. When your underlayment approaches the end of its useful life you will need to perform what is called a tile R&R. No it doesn’t mean your tile needs a vacation. It is a process by which the tile is Removed, the underlayment is Replaced, and the tile is set back onto the roof.

That said, there are still quality choices when it comes to choosing the tile. Clay tile is far and away the longest lasting choice. With proper maintenance, clay can last for 60+ years. If you decide to go with the less expensive (but still remarkably durable) option of concrete tile, you can still reasonably expect to see 50 to 60 years of service. However, if your home faces a golf course- all bets are off.

When it comes to the structural integrity of your home, a tile roof can make a huge impact.

Added Value: Curb Appeal

Another reason why owners tend to install a tile roof is curb appeal. There is no getting around it, a tile roof looks great and matches with a desert landscape.

If your home is more desirable, then your home is more valuable.

While the initial installation can be on the pricey side, the long term benefit may more than offset this cost. Did you ever consider that your choice of roofing material can work to keep money in your pocket over the long term?

Should I Consider a Tile Roof?

Even with the advantages of tile, choosing a roofing material is not always an easy choice. Preferences can vary greatly and this decision must be made with careful deliberation.

Two of the main considerations when choosing a tile roof are the weight and the cost.

Depending on the size of your project, it is not uncommon for a roof to cost upwards of $20,000. Again, concrete can offer a less expensive alternative.

While a resident may want a tile roof, their house simply may not be able to support the weight. Some houses are designed with lighter roofing materials in mind and may be incompatible with tile.

Choosing to go with a material such as concrete or slate can lighten the load on both your wallet and your roof.

Need Help Choosing a Roofing Material?

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