How Does Your Roof Impact Curb Appeal?

The first impression anyone is going to get of your home is what they see on the exterior, and when it comes to exterior appeal, your roof plays a surprisingly important role. Most people don’t realize just how important this can be, only to find out pretty quickly when they go to sell their home. Here are some reasons your roof contributes to your home’s exterior appeal and what you can do to drastically improve it.

Stained or Dirty Roofs

Over time, your roof will get dirty. After all, you rely on it to protect your home from precipitation like rain and hail as well as the debris that wind can kick up. A dirty or stained roof looks old, unkempt, and most likely worn out well beyond its years (even though it might be just a few years old). Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix this: give your roof a bath. Getting up on a ladder with a garden hose can help wash away debris and dust that may have accumulated, giving your roof a serious facelift and improving its outlook with just a few hours of fairly simple work.

Missing or Broken Tiles

Roofing tiles, especially clay tiles, are the most common roofing material found here in the Phoenix area. While they give homes a distinctive, appealing southwestern flair, they also fade, crack, and become damaged fairly easily, especially in their old age. Furthermore, they can also become dislodged and fall off your roof, especially during stretches of high winds. Cracked tiles not only make your roof appear to be in poor condition, but they actually accelerate your roof degrading and wearing out, making it fall into disrepair and need serious repairs or replacement quicker. Simply having these tiles fixed can both help you preserve your roof and make it look better from the outside.

Sagging, Discolorations, and Other Major Disrepair

A roof that’s in an obvious and visible state of disrepair tells a story that many homeowners and prospective buyers likely want no part of: a leaky, worn out roof that offers little protection and could even be on the verge of collapsing. Sagging or serious discoloration are two obvious signs of this significant aging and wear, but there are others as well. If you have these issues, you’ll likely need to have your roof replaced completely in order to bring up the value of your home to the point where you can attract a buyer.

Your Roof is Out of Style

Roof styles change over time, much like flooring, countertops and stucco styles. If your roof is dated in its look, it is also likely dated in its usefulness. Fix both problems: protect your most valuable asset with a fully-functioning roof and spruce it up while you are at it. You can pave and paint and landscape around it, but if you have a tile style from the 80’s you just can’t hide your roof’s age.

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