Remodeling? Replace Your Roof As Well!

Is your home in need of a facelift? What about some extra space for that new office you’ve always wanted? What about an overhaul on your kitchen to make it the cooking space you’ve only ever dreamed of? These are all common reasons to undergo significant remodeling. What many people also don’t realize is this could be a great opportunity to do some much-needed repairs or replacements on other parts of your home as well. This includes your home’s first and foremost line of defense: your roof.

Why Re-Roof When Remodeling?

Depending on the type of remodeling work you’re doing, there’s a chance you may already be doing work on your roof in the first place. For example, adding a new room on to your home, changing a room’s dimensions, or anything else that involves moving, adding, or eliminating walls in your home may require you to have to tear out part of your roof.

When this is the case, you’re going to need a Phoenix roofer to replace the roof and rebuild it over the new dimensions anyway, so why not use the opportunity to replace your roof in its entirety? Rather than spend the money to have the roof changed and added over just the space you’re working on, spending a little extra to have the roof replaced over your entire home could actually save you a bundle in the long run when you don’t have to schedule a full roof replacement again in just a few short years.

An aging roof is prone to leaks, which means it can’t protect your home nearly as well as you’d like, and while the roof over your remodeled area may be new, the rest of your roof could still be prone to leaks and other damages that could lead to damage in your home. This means you’ll need to have your roof replaced soon, and that means yet another huge expense. You will also have to replace the area of roof you just installed, since replacing your roof usually requires that you do the whole thing, not just the old, worn-out area.

In short, replacing your roof entirely while doing remodeling work on your home may add to the expense now, but it could save you tremendously in the long run. When you’re already having roofing work done to part of your home, going the extra mile to protect your whole home will not only increase your home’s value further, but continue to protect it for many years to come.

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