Own an Apartment Complex? Protect Your Roof with These Tips

While most properly maintained apartment complex and multi-family housing building roofs can last for many years or even a few decades, heavy rain, snow, intense winds, hail, and even animals can cause unavoidable damage which must be addressed. Even without natural disasters, time itself can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of a roof, especially if roofing materials are used incorrectly or are not regularly maintained. Fortunately, through simple observation and maintenance, landlords and facility managers can protect their property and get the most out of their roof.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends the following tips to keep your apartment complex's roof in good shape:

  1. Have your roof’s surface regularly cleaned: Dirt, debris, and other items can collect on your apartment’s roof and cause water to pond, leading to water damage. Periodically removing this debris and clearing drains can ensure steady water flow can protect your roof’s materials from deteriorating.
  2. Clean reflective membranes: If your roof is equipped with a reflective membrane design for energy efficiency purposes, it is important you have these membranes regularly cleaned to ensure they are in top working order. Dirty membranes can not only reduce the reflection of heat but also increase their heat absorption, causing them to age faster than intended.
  3. Repair damage promptly: High winds and hail can result in damage to the strips of metal which seal your roof’s edges and chimney, also known as flashing, making it vulnerable to water damage. Be sure to regularly inspect your roof’s flashing, fasteners, and sealants for signs of damage and have them repaired quickly.
  4. Check for wear and tear: While missing shingles or gaping holes in your apartment’s roof may be obvious signs that something is wrong, other signs of wear and tear can be far less apparent. Even simply walking on your roof can be enough to cause damage, such as if you were to have a technician get up onto your roof to inspect or replace an HVAC unit.
  5. Inspect your roof after storms: It is especially important to have your apartment’s roof checked immediately following any sort of severe weather event, such as a hailstorm or heavy rain. While some roofing materials may be more resistant to the elements than others, it is best to play it safe and protect your property against further damage.

Protect Your Roof with Lyons Roofing

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