The Importance of Fixing Your Roof Before Selling Your Property

If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, chances are you’re wondering whether it is worth it to make certain repairs or just leave them and sell the home “as is.” One of the biggest repairs you may have to consider is your roof. It is also one of the biggest things that can influence the selling price of your home.

So, should you replace it? If you have the means, we absolutely suggest that you make the necessary repairs or replace it. This will help you get the best possible price for the sale of your home. Because major rooftop repairs can be costly, selling a home with a well-maintained roof is a big negotiating point in the sale and can help the home sell much faster. Furthermore, repairing your roof could save you from potential liability issues after the sale. For example, if the roof leaks after the sale and the seller never disclosed the fact that the roof previously leaked, he or she can be held responsible for paying for the repairs.

If you choose not to repair your roof before selling your home, you must be prepared for the sale price to go down accordingly, as the buyer will have to assume the responsibility of fixing it. If your roof is in really terrible condition (such as if it is missing shingles, leaks, etc.) you may not have a choice. Selling “as is” may also factor into loan approval. A lender may make the repairs a condition of loan approval, with the cost burden falling on the seller.

Top Quality Roofing Repairs in Phoenix, Arizona

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