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The Difference Between Proactive & Reactive Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your roof, there are two different ways to do it, and both are drastically different when it comes to quality, frustration, and effectiveness. These two types of maintenance are “proactive” and “reactive.” While both keep the roof over your head in good health and enable it to protect your home and your loved ones, we strongly advise all customers to be engaged in “proactive” maintenance, as it yields a much better experience with less frustration than “reactive.”

On this blog, we’ll discuss the difference between these two types of maintenance and why “proactive” maintenance is vastly superior to “reactive.”

Defining “Proactive” & “Reactive”

First, we need to understand what these types of maintenance are in order to see the differences between them. “Proactive” maintenance is maintenance that’s designed to keep your roof in good condition through regular inspections and minor repairs. The frequent and regular attention can help you spot any damage, repair any minor issues before they become major, and ensure that you get the most out of your roof’s lifespan, which can sometimes exceed its warranty by a decade or more!

Conversely, “reactive” maintenance is maintenance that’s only done when a problem arises. As its name implies, this type of maintenance is performed when someone notices a problem with their roof, usually during severe weather. Things like roof leaks, blown-off tiles or shingles, and much more can all cause serious damage to your roof’s structure, prompting you to call a professional for repairs.

Why Be Proactive?

Which type of maintenance do you think the average American homeowner uses? If you said “reactive,” you’re absolutely correct. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of homeowners don’t pay any attention to the roof over their head until a problem springs up and they need an urgent fix. In other words, they’re reacting to the problem they’re facing, and scrambling to get it fixed before any other serious damage can happen to their home.

But what if the average homeowner were proactive about their roof maintenance? Paying a little bit of extra attention to your roof can have a number of benefits. For starters, there’s the peace of mind of knowing that your roof is in good condition as opposed to simply sitting and hoping that you won’t find any new leaks the next time the rain starts to fall.

Furthermore, proactive maintenance is also a significantly smaller financial burden on a homeowner. By having your roof regularly inspected by a professional, you greatly reduce the chances that you’re going to need an expensive reactive repair the next time it rains. An inspection can help you spot any potential problems that might be developing and repair them while they’re still minor, which keeps repairs as simple and inexpensive as possible. You also greatly lengthen the expected lifespan of your roof, thus saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.

Finally, a proactively-maintained roof plays a huge role in your home’s value. By having regular inspections conducted on your roof, you can confidently guarantee its condition to any potential buyers if you wish to sell your home, and you may even be able to get a higher price from potential buyers for it as well.

Stop waiting for problems to arise and start proactively caring for your roof! Contact Lyons Roofingat (520) 447-2522 and let our Phoenix roofers provide you with the professional maintenance you need!