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When is the Best Time to Have Your Roof Maintained?

As a homeowner, maintaining the roof over your head is an important responsibility. A well-maintained roof can provide you with decades of protection and beautiful curb appeal for your home, while a roof that receives little attention is likely to develop leaks and issues over the years of its life. A well-maintained roof will often last for many additional years compared to one that isn’t regularly maintained, so it’s in your best interests to do so.

However, there are optimal times to have your roof maintained. Waiting too long to get the maintenance done means severe weather may wind up exacerbating the damage that your roof may have sustained. Doing it too early may allow more small issues to crop up before wet weather hits your roof, thus allowing it to damage your home.

On this blog, we’ll discuss when is the best time to schedule your roof maintenance service so you can take advantage of the full benefits of this service.

After Summer Rains

Arizona’s climate is pretty unique in that not only do we have soaring temperatures and well over 300 days of blazing sunlight, but we also see what little rainfall we get spread throughout the year pretty evenly. In fact, according to historical records from U.S. Climate Data, July is the wettest month thanks to the influx of monsoon rains that our desert experiences. March and August are right behind it.

June, on the other hand, is the driest month of the year, followed by May and April, with all three months combining for a historical average of just over a quarter-inch of rain per year. So when you have two of the wettest months and three of the hottest months combined during Arizona’s summers, that means you’ll want to have your roof inspected when the heat finally starts to subside: during the months of September and October. At this point, the majority of the sweltering summer has passed, and the rainfall dips down to a middle-of-the-road level.

This should give your professional inspector plenty of opportunity to discover any damage that summer may have inflicted on your roof and repair it before getting back to the potentially wetter months in November through March.

After a Hailstorm

Arizona’s weather is generally known for blistering heat, but there are some instances where it can turn sour in a heartbeat. Our desert is no stranger to hailstorms, and while they may be rare, they’re particularly devastating on many of the roofs in our area, which are composed of materials like clay tiles.

This brings up another “best” time to have your roof maintained: after a hailstorm. With such a high possibility for damage, you’ll want to make sure your roof is thoroughly inspected and any minor flaws that may have come in as a result of the hailstorm are quickly corrected. Through this maintenance service, your technician can also alert you to any problems that need more extensive repairs, thus allowing you to get them fixed before they turn into serious problems that can jeopardize your entire roof or the structure of your home.

To schedule a maintenance service for your home, contact Lyons Roofing and let our Phoenix roofers help you make sure your home is protected!